Alex Azar and Ben Carson

  • Political bettors can wager on who will be the next to leave the Trump Administration.
  • Alex Azar and Ben Carson has the shortest odds on with +165 odds.
  • Azar warned President Donald Trump in January about COVID-19.

WASHINGTON – Online sportsbooks have placed odds on who will be the next person to leave the Trump Administration.

Ever since President Trump came into office, there has been a large number of White House officials that have left the Trump Administration. Their reasons vary, but a majority of them left due to the President not heeding their advice.

With COVID-19 (coronavirus) sweeping the nation, it is becoming apparent that he and his cabinet are not agreeing on how to handle the situation. As frustrations grow, it is increasingly likely that someone will leave the Trump Administration. Bettors are now looking at political betting odds on who will be the next to leave the White House next.

Those who would normally be interested in legal sports betting should consider taking action on this particular bet. The reason is it is increasingly likely that someone will leave the Trump Administration soon due to his coronavirus response.

Next White House Cabinet Member To Leave Administration

  • Alex Azar (HHS) +165
  • Ben Carson (HUD) +165
  • Wilbur Ross (Commerce) +750
  • Robert Wilkie (Veterans Affairs) +800
  • Sonny Perdue (USDA) +1200
  • Mike Pompeo (State) +2200
  • Eugene Scalia (Labor) +2500
  • Betsy DeVos (Education) +3000
  • Steve Mnuchin (Treasury) +3000
  • William Barr (Attorney General) +3000
  • Elaine Chao (Transportation) +4000
  • Mark Esper (Defense) +4000
  • David Bernhardt (Interior) +66000

Political bettors should consider putting their money on Alex Azar being the next person to leave the Trump administration. Azar is the United States Secretary of Health and Human Services. The job Azar was assigned to do is to make sure that the health and well-being of Americans is taken care of.

It was reported that in January, Azar initially warned President Trump about the dangers of the coronavirus. At the time, the coronavirus was still initially centralized in China, so Trump ignored his warnings. The President dismissed the warnings as alarmist.

Thanks to Trump for ignoring Azar’s warnings, the United States now has more confirmed cases of coronavirus than any other country. Most cabinet members who have left did so because of increasing frustrations towards the President.

A popular of example of that is John Bolton, who left his position due to disagreements between himself and the President when it came to how to handle foreign policy issues regarding Iran, North Korea, and Afghanistan.

The cabinet members mostly want to do what they are assigned to do and if they are unable to, they might just leave or worse be fired. Political bettors should also think about Ben Carson being the next cabinet member to leave. His odds are the same as Azar’s and both will likely be out sooner rather than later.

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