• Rob Ellis will host a new sports betting show named Odds On.
  • The new show will air at 8:30 a.m. every Sunday.
  • Odds on will start airing this upcoming weekend.

PHILADELPHIA – A new sports betting show named Odds On will begin airing in Philadelphia this upcoming Sunday.

The new sports betting show is to be hosted by Rob Ellis and Pat Gallen. This will be Ellis’s return to television after being off the air for a year. Ellis was a sports anchor on NBC Sports Philadelphia for 17 years after the broadcasting company did not renew his contract. But now, he will return with Gallen on CBS3 for a new sports betting show.

The show will air every Sunday at 8:30 a.m. and will last 30 minutes. That gives plenty of time for people to watch the show and make their NFL betting picks. The show is going to last at least until the end of the NFL season but there is a small chance that the show could last until the end of the NCAA basketball tournament.

Ellis said that the new sports betting show will not just be about the numbers. Ellis and Gallen will offer their opinion about various odds and lines for the day.

“You have two guys hosting with personality. It’s a good back and forth between Pat and I that is relatable,” said Ellis.

Most of the new and upcoming sports betting shows claim that they are all about the numbers. Some sports betting shows will only last five minutes which only gives them time to present the odds. But Ellis says that their show will have the time for him and Gallen to be “controversial.”

Odds On is not the first new sports betting show to appear and it will likely not be the last. With legal sports betting becoming more integrated to society, more sports betting shows are sure to appear. More local and national sports broadcasts will likely integrate sports betting content in the near future.

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