(R) David Perdue is favored at -400 odds to defeat (D) Jon Ossof.

  • The Republicans are close to Senate control but will have to wait until January for the Georgia Senate race runoff.
  • The Democratic candidates are the underdogs for the races but if they win, they would evenly split the Senate and leave the tiebreaker with the VP.
  • Georgia will also be a deciding factor in the Presidential race as Joe Biden took a lead early on Friday in the key battleground state.

WASHINGTON – The state of Georgia has become an extremely important state in this 2020 election and could be the determining factor for the partisan control in Washington D.C.

The Republicans have outperformed expectations in the House and Senate races for this year by sizably cutting into the Democratic majority in the House and now on the verge of getting the majority in the Senate.

The odds of taking control of the Senate increase with the Republican winning the election in over half a dozen red states including a key come-from-behind-win by Senator Susan Collins in Maine.

The Georgia Senate race has ended in two run-offs because the two candidates did not receive more than 50 percent or the votes. Legal sports betting sites have the odds up for the race that will be voted on in January.

Georgia Senate Runoff Odds

  • Kelly Loeffler -200
  • Raphael Warnock +150

Georgia Senate Runoff Odds

  • David Perdue -400
  • Jon Ossoff +250

The current favorites for both elections are the Republican candidate which would give Republicans control of the Senate, but if both Democratic candidates win, the Senate would be split evenly leaving the future vice president as the tie-breaker vote.

Georgia voters will also play a big role in deciding who will be in that vice president position as the state has become one of the key battleground states and one of the reasons for growing favorable odds for the winner of the Presidential Election.

Before most legal online sportsbooks took down the betting odds on the Presidential Election Joe Biden was favored at -2000. With that projection, the vice president would be Senator Kamala Harris under a Joe Biden administration.

Early Friday morning former vice president Joe Biden took a lead in the state of Georgia that has voted for the Republican candidate in every Presidential Election since 1992. He also began the day with a lead in Pennsylvania and has kept his lead in Nevada and Arizona.

If all of these leads stick and somehow the democratic candidates for Georgia Senate seats win, Georgia would have helped add Democratic control to the White House and Senate alongside and already Democratic-controlled House of Representatives.

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