Joe Biden

  • No has -2500 short odds for if President Joe Biden or President Vladimir Putin will visit with another.
  • Yes has +800 longshot odds for if President Biden will meet with King Jong Un.
  • Donald Trump met with both leaders while he was in office.

WASHINGTONPresident Joe Biden is headed to Europe to meet with the leaders of England, France, Italy, Germany, and Russia.

The big meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin is a major one as both Presidents will be attending the North Atlantic Treaty Organization meeting and following suit will meet for a contentious sitting.

Betting fans are placing action that this meeting will not result in the Presidents visiting one another during Biden’s Presidency. There is also action on whether or not Biden will ever meet North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un.

President Donald Trump was visited by both leaders during his administration.

Biden On The Move

This is the first time since taking office that Joe Biden will be leaving the US. He plans to meet with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson first, then will gather with the Group of Seven Leaders, following which he will attend the North Atlantic Treaty Organization meeting.

The tense meeting between Biden and Putin will come following. Biden and Putin have been at odds since President Biden took office. Russia has been accused of placing hits on US soldiers and issuing cyber-attacks on the US.

Biden or Putin to visit other?

  • No -2500
  • Yes +800

Betting fans are placing heavy action against the possibility of a later visit from either party. The current tension between the two nations would make it unlikely that Biden would visit Russia or President Putin would enter the US.

Longshot betting fans may want to move in on the +800 odds for yes, however, as it is possible their meeting could end on good terms.

Biden has publicly voiced his desire to have a peaceful relationship with Russia and would likely aim for this outcome during their meeting.

“In my phone calls with President Putin, I have been clear and direct. The United States does not seek conflict. We want a stable and predictable relationship where we can work with Russia on issues like strategic stability and arms control,” wrote Biden in an op-ed. “At the same time, I have also imposed meaningful consequences for behaviors that violate U.S. sovereignty, including interference in our democratic elections. And President Putin knows that I will not hesitate to respond to future harmful activities. When we meet, I will again underscore the commitment of the United States, Europe and like-minded democracies to stand up for human rights and dignity.”

Additionally, Donald Trump and Putin developed a working relationship during his presidency. This could make the transition easier for Biden, as US and Russia relations already have years of groundwork.

Another betting line that political betting fans are leaning on is if Biden will even meet with Kim Jong Un of North Korea. While Donald Trump did manage to become cordial with the North Korean leader, Biden has given no indication he is interested.

Biden/Kim Jong Un to Meet?

  • No -2500
  • Yes +800

Since Biden has taken office, he has publicly addressed his issues with North Korea, sanctioned the country, and has criticized Donald Trump’s approach to North Korea.

“What I would not do is what has been done in the recent past,” said Biden. “I would not give him all he’s looking for, international recognition as legitimate, and give him what allowed him to move in a direction of appearing to be more serious about what he wasn’t at all serious about.”

In contrast, North Korea has accused the Biden Administration of hostile diplomacy and called President Biden “intolerable” due to his statements on North Korea’s nuclear program.

While a visit between Biden and Putin could potentially happen, it would be a really tough sell to see Biden and Kim Jong Un meet with one another.

It is a long Presidency, however, and we are still in its first year. Sports betting fans could place action at legal sports betting sites on the longshot odds not and cash in big should the relationship be mended.

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