Super Bowl Weather

  • The Super Bowl has historically been affected by the weather.
  • The current forecast for Super Bowl LV in Tampa, Florida shows a slight chance of rain.
  • Light rain has had more of a negative effect than heavy rain/storm.

TAMPA, Fla. – This year’s Super Bowl will be held in Tampa, Florida and sports bettors are already beginning to place action on the Big Game.

What sports bettors should be aware of, is the weather during the game and how the weather has historically affected Super Bowls in the past.

Those betting on the Super Bowl could be swayed when seeing how much of a role weather plays in players stats.

Super Bowl Weather

Since Super Bowl LV will be taking place in Florida, there is a high likely chance for some showers. The ironically named Sunshine State is also known for its constant rain.

“Sunday will see mostly cloudy skies during the afternoon with a 50-percent chance of showers, possibly a thunderstorm, said Ric Kearbey, a meteorologist for WTSP 10News in Tampa, Florida. “However, this rain chance should decrease to about 40-percent by evening kickoff and continuing to decrease throughout the game.”

Depending on how heavy the potential storm is, the overall quarterback play can be affected. Due to heavy winds, a storm could greatly affect the trajectory of throws from both QB’s leading to potentially more turnovers than if there were clear skies.

Player prop bets would be the wagers affected more so than the outcome of the game, however. Both teams will be dealing with the potential storm, so neither QB would have the advantage.

Sports bettors wagering on player props such as passing yards for a given QB or receiving yards for a given WR may want to look at the odds for the Under should a storm occur.

Coaches may be motivated to run more running plays or short pass plays to play it safe during a storm, as the increased risk of error would also increase caution. This could lead to higher rushing attempts and lower passing attempts for Kansas City QB Patrick Mahomes for example.

Patrick Mahomes Total Passing Attempts

  • Over 41½ Attempts -125
  • Under 41½ Attempts -105

Patrick Mahomes Total Rushing Attempts

  • Over 4½ Attempts -130
  • Under 4½ Attempts +100

QB’s overall throw less, and are less accurate during storms, with data showing that overall passing numbers for teams decrease under those climates.

“The effect of wind/wind gusts is the most significant weather variable affecting QB performance,” said Josh Mancuso, a sportswriter in a study on weather affecting QB’s. “The effects are fairly slight for avg wind speeds from 0 mph up to about 15 mph, but above that threshold, the difference in fantasy points is about 12% less. In games with winds over 20 mph, the negative effects are more significant, with ~17% fewer fantasy points per game.”

For sports bettors looking at how the weather could affect the overall game, sports bettors may want to look at the underdog odds on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers who are playing at their home stadium for SB 55.

Super Bowl LV: Kansas City Chiefs Vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

  • Kansas City Chiefs -163
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers +143

Tampa Bay Buccaneers who are essentially playing in a home game are used to the conditions of the weather. The Bucs have played in the Florida weather all season and have been acclimated to the changing climate.

Those looking for a slight advantage while partaking in legal sports betting on Super Bowl LV should be looking at all aspects, even weather to get an advantage at online sportsbooks

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