Rumors have it that Jeff Bezos could own an NFL team sometime in the future.

  • Jeff Bezos could possibly own one of four different NFL teams.
  • Bezos is also rumored to be at attendance for Super Bowl 54.
  • Amazon will have a commercial air during the Super Bowl.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Rumors are flying whether or not Jeff Bezos is going to soon own an NFL team in the near future.

Jeff Bezos has the highest net worth in the United States and can easily own an NFL team or two for that matter. The question is, which team would he own?

There are a large number of rumors going around about which NFL team Bezos could end up owning in the near future. One of the teams in question is the Washington Redskins.

The owner of the Redskins, Dan Snyder, is interested in making big moves for the team. Snyder wants the next Redskins stadium to have a sportsbook inside of it. Snyder is looking to build the sportsbook in Maryland and if that fails, Virginia will suffice.

The Connection Between Bezos And The Redskins

Rumors started to spread in November that Bezos had been talking with Snyder about helping him build the stadium. At the same time, rumors started to spread that Bezos could possibly become the owner of the Redskins.

Bezos already owns various companies in Washington D.C., such as the Washington Post. With his resources, Bezos could push for a stadium that has a sportsbook. However, the Redskins have denied such rumors.

“Mr. Snyder hasn’t seen Jeff Bezos in nearly a decade,” said a Redskins spokesman.

NFL Ownership From Bezos

Similar rumors of ownership appeared regarding the Seattle Seahawks and the Detroit Lions. The Seahawks rumor came about due to the fact that Amazon is based out of Seattle.

Sources say that the Seahawks are not interested in selling the franchise. In December, the Lions denied reports that Bezos was interested in buying the team as well.

But the New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft has put forth rumors of their own.

Kraft says that Bezos would be a welcomed addition for the Patriots. Whether or not this means full ownership has not been revealed. But this does leave the door open for Bezos to be an owner of the Patriots.

With all of these rumors around, people are wondering if Bezos will show up to Super Bowl 2020 in person. Last year, Bezos was in attendance and was seen talking to the NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell.

This could have just been friendly talks, or they could have been talking business. Either way, Bezos could very well show up to Super Bowl LIV.

Even if Bezos does not appear live at the Super Bowl, Amazon itself will have a presence. Bezos revealed on Twitter that Amazon will air a commercial at the Super Bowl. If Bezos becomes involved with the NFL, he could very well shake up the entire industry, just like every other business venture he has become a part of.

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