Amy Coney Barrett

  • Judge Amy Coney Barrett could be confirmed as part of the Supreme Court before the 2020 Presidential Election.
  • Presidential nominee Joe Biden would like a decision to be made on Barrett after Election Day.
  • Sportsbooks have Barrett being confirmed by the Senate before November 3, 2020 (Election Day) with odds of -300.

WASHINGTON, D.C.President Donald Trump has nominated Judge Amy Coney Barrett to take the seat in the Supreme Court that is now vacant after Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s passing.

Joe Biden, the Presidential candidate representing the Democratic Party, is urging GOP Senators to not make any decisions until after Election Day.

With many reasons as to why he hopes this will be the case, he also states Bader Ginsburg’s dying wish of not being replaced until a new President was sworn into office.

What’s Being Said

Biden has had his say on the situation believing the fair thing to do would be to wait until the election has taken place. But Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Lindsey Graham has also spoken out on the subject to say that the Committee intends to approve the nomination of Barrett by October 22 which would lead to a vote before the end of October that would make a decision final prior to the election.

“There are Senate Republicans out there who know in their hearts that if they shut out the voices of those during a voting period, during an election, they’re closing the door on American democracy thereafter,” said Biden. “I urge every senator to take a step back from the brink, take off the blinders of politics for just one critical moment, and stand up for the Constitution you swore to uphold.”

Should Graham’s timeline on a vote for Barrett’s nomination be correct, it would be the fastest process that anyone taking a seat in the Supreme Court has faced.

It’s also an unusual circumstance to have a vote on SCOTUS this late during an election year as it’s always been that any vote for Supreme Court nominations during an election year took place by July of that year, not within a week of the Presidential election.

There is concern that a normal timeline for such a position takes 2-3 months from nomination to vote to be able to properly ensure a nominee’s credentials are suitable for the job. However, this current process will last a total of one month should Graham go through with his plans.

“We’ll report her nomination out of the committee on October 22,” said Graham. “Then it will be up to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell as to what to do with the nomination.”

The Political Odds Are Up

Sportsbooks like MyBookie has a few wagers posted pertaining to the Supreme Court or SCOTUS nominee confirmation.

Two questions are up for bets to be placed by all political buffs or those simply interested in gambling on the scenario. The wagers listed are:

Will Senate Confirm SCOTUS Nominee Before 11/3/2020?

  • YES: -300
  • NO: +200

Will Senate Confirm SCOTUS Nominee After 11/3/2020?

  • YES: +200
  • NO: -300

If the Senate listens to Biden, the payout would be a nice one for those wagering on the underdog answer of “NO” for the first wager and “YES” for the second.

But it would seem sportsbooks are backing the words of Graham and the nomination and request by President Donald Trump that this decision is made before the 2020 Presidential Election is slated to occur.

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