Trump Legal Team

  • Joe Biden is favored at -1000 to be declared the Pennsylvania winner.
  • Donald Trump has sued Pennsylvania for potential voter fraud.
  • Kelly Loeffler is the -300 favorite to win the Senate Election in Georgia

HARRISBURG, Penn. – Although Joe Biden has been declared the 46th President of the United States and the winner of the 2020 Presidential Election, online sportsbooks are still taking wagers on several already declared swing states.

The reason for this is President Donald Trump suing these states due to potential voter fraud. Despite these allegations, however, Biden is still heavily favored at online sportsbooks.

Even a week following Election Day, there continue to be reasons to bet on the 2020 Presidential Election. There are also betting lines for important Senate Races still underway.

Trump’s Lawsuits

President Trump and his campaign have managed to keep betting lines busy throughout the days following the election as the Trump campaign refuses to concede. The President has gone so far as to sue swing states for a variety of reasons.

The core issue the Trump administration has raised is the untrustworthiness of the mail-in ballots. The mail-in votes are the focal point of Trump’s lawsuits in Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Arizona.

Despite this, however, Biden is favored to remain the winner of Pennsylvania and Arizona, and be the winner of Georgia when the final count is done. Biden has a heavy lead as sports bettors expect no weight in the results of Trump’s lawsuits.

Pennsylvania Issues

In Pennsylvania specifically, Trump is not even arguing voter fraud, but instead suing the Pennsylvania secretary of state and seven counties for implementing an illegal two-tiered voting system.

Pennsylvania Electoral College Winner Odds

  • Joe Biden -1000
  • Donald Trump +550

Part of the reason why sports bettors are leaning against the President is due to the lack of weight many of Trump’s allegations have.

“This is the latest meritless lawsuit to challenge Pennsylvania’s election, which was overseen by bipartisan election officials and was lawful, fair and secure,” said Josh Shapiro, Pennsylvania Attorney General. “For months, the vast majority of these lawsuits have been dismissed and found to have no merit by Courts at all levels, and this one is no different.”

Trump argues that the Keystone State used unfair and different regulations for those who voted by mail as opposed to those who voted in person. The Trump administration is suing to stop Pennsylvania from declaring Joe Biden as the winner until things are reviewed in court.

Experts do not expect Trump to be successful, however.

“The Trump campaign continues to spread lies about the transparency of this process and the access to observers,” said David Becker, executive director and founder of the Center for Election Innovation and Research. “Trump campaign observers and Republican party observers were present at every moment that every ballot was considered in Pennsylvania.”

Arizona And Georgia Issues

Sports bettors feel the same way about Trump’s lawsuits in Georgia as well. Online sportsbooks show that Biden is the heavy favorite to maintain the Arizona winner, which has already been declared, and to successfully flip Georgia, who has historically voted Republican.

Arizona Electoral College Winner Odds

  • Joe Biden -775
  • Donald Trump +450

Georgia Electoral College Winner Odds

  • Joe Biden -800
  • Donald Trump +460

In both these states, Trump continues to argue against mail-in ballots and the validity of the system. Many experts believe the lawsuits are baseless and without merit, with very little chance of success at the Supreme Court.

While the longshot odds on Trump to win Georgia or Arizona are tempting, there may not be enough evidence to overturn the voting results. Political betting enthusiasts may want to fade these odds now that they’ve shifted so far apart.

Georgia Senate Race Betting

Outside of the Presidential Election, legal sports betting sites are also taking action on the remaining Senate Races in Georgia as it has become a runoff election.

Runoff means that the original election could not be determined by a majority vote, so the candidates with the most votes will face off in a separate election that has yet to be set. Right now, the Republican party is favored to claim victory in both GA senate races.

U.S. Senate Election Winner – Georgia (Special Election)

  • Kelly Loeffler (R) -300
  • Raphael Warnock (D) +220

U.S. Senate Runoff Election Winner – Georgia (General Election)

  • David Purdue (R) -240
  • Jon Ossoff (D) +175

The reason the Georgia senate races have become such a big deal is that this will determine which party has the majority in the U.S. Senate.

Interestingly enough, Raphael Warnock received more votes than Kelly Loeffler in the original race. Sports bettors are expecting the votes from Doug Collins to go to Loeffler, ultimately maintaining the Republican Senate in the Peach State.

Georgia Senate Results

Raphael Warnock (D) 32.9%
Kelly Loeffler (R) 25.9%
Doug Collins (R) 20%

Despite this, however, Warnock might be a good underdog wager to lean towards. The Senator’s total votes are more than Loeffler and Collins votes combined, which may come back to haunt the Republican Party in the runoff.

Who Will Control The Senate

With Georgia being the deciding factor, and sports bettors leaning towards the Republican Candidates to win, it makes sense that the Republican Party is favored to control the U.S. Senate.

Which Party Will Control The Senate After 2020 Election?

  • Republican Party -450
  • Democratic Party +300

The Republican Party currently rules the senate majority; therefore, it is not too farfetched to believe that sports bettors will accept this to remain the same. With the current seats, Republicans hold 48 and the Democratic Party holds 46.

A total of 51 Senators would give the majority to whichever party pulls it off. Should there be a tie, however, the Democratic Party would win as soon-to-be VP Kamala Harris would be the tiebreaker.

The Presidential Election is continuing to be a major attraction for sports bettors. With the senate races and swing states still up in the air, there are still many reasons to get in on the action.

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