XFL football and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

  • The purchase of the XFL by The Rock and others can possibly reignite interest in betting on the league.
  • Sports betting was a major part of the start of the XFL this year but with big losses and the pandemic shutdown of the season, excitement has lowered.
  • Dany Garcia says the league will keep core principles of the sports and maybe even be able to produce a successful 2021 season.

LAS VEGASDwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Dany Garcia, and partners bought the XFL for $15 million and sports bettors are waiting to see if this will give them a chance to also place their money on the league.

The league launched for the second time this year and because of the mid-season coronavirus pandemic cancelation, XFL was sent into bankruptcy. The new ownership could help bring back the sports betting presence that was once there again next spring.

Sports Betting Culture In The XFL

This 2020 season started with strong betting interest and XFL broadcasts programs were filled with sports wagering elements.

The scoreboards dedicated space to show the bet line and totals for each contest of the eight teams. FanDuel Sportsbook even saw 43% of wagers come from in-game betting.

The first weekend of XFL alone generated more bets than the entire failed season of the Alliance of American Football (AAF) league the year prior.

One of the reasons betting was embracing widely during the start of the season was because many states were at the same time receiving legal sports betting and platforms to operate it.

With the league not acquiring some big-name players who could join this year such as Johnny Manziel or Colin Kaepernick, it caused some lows in XFL bets. Most of those players did not trust the longevity of the league which led to huge losses for XFL bettors.

Moving Forward For The XFL

Now that life has been given back to the league, the intrigue in how it will be run is up for question.

When asked by ESPN, Dany Garcia, one of the new owners, suggested that the league would have the same core principles of football on the field and the only format changes would come because of the pandemic concerns.

Garcia noted it would be difficult to get the league up and running for a 2021 season and explained that there are plans for a bubble system similar to the NBA allowing teams to play and practice in one city, most likely without fans.

One of the upsides to trying to get a 2021 season is that players could use it as a stepping stone before the NFL. Players who will opt out or have their 2020 collegiate season canceled could look to the XFL to get in football shape.

XFL bettors can look to possibly being able to wager on games next spring and maybe bigger name players if the future of the league begins to look steady.

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