George W. Bush and Joe Biden

  • Former republican president George W. Bush has a prop bet for whether or not he will endorse Joe Biden in the presidential election.
  • Current odds have No as the favorite with -800.
  • Members from the Bush Administration have formed a pro-Biden super PAC and Bush addressed the nation during the protests of police brutality.

WASHINGTON – With election season here, and politicians endorsing whom they think will be president, there is a growing belief that former Republican President George W. Bush may endorse democratic nominee Joe Biden.

The former president made a rare public statement via his twitter, where he addressed the racial divide in the country and police brutality.

George W Bush Endorsement

Political bettors wagering on the 2020 presidential election seem to be leaning away from the possibility of George W. Bush publicly endorsing Joe Biden.

Odds at online sportsbooks have no as the runaway favorite.

Will George W. Bush Endorse Joe Biden?

  • No -800
  • Yes +425

Despite sports bettors clearly leaning away from the possibility, there is some support to the unlikely outcome of a George Bush Joe Biden endorsement.

Bush expressed his pain for seeing the country as it is as well as showing support for protestors and criticizing those who have spoken out against the protests. This statement, as well as members from his administration creating a pro-Biden super PAC, gives credence to the bet.

The Federal Election Commission (FEC) form has been filed under 43 Alumni For Biden. The name stems from Bush being the 43rd president.

Bush has also never publicly endorsed Trump, even during his initial run for the presidency.

There are no guarantees that Bush will endorse anyone publicly, but legal sports betting sites will host that prop bet, as well as many more leading up to election time.

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