Last updated on: October 20th, 2023

Betting On The Over-Under

Betting on the over-under is one of the most common and easiest ways to bet on sports. Legal sports betting sites post over-unders for nearly every sport and are typically the last column of odds boxes next to the spread and moneyline. Over-unders are bets on the total points scored by both teams or on one individual team. As bettors go through many prop betting menus, they will even see over-under odds on specific timeframes (i.e. quarters, halves, periods, innings). This page will give a complete rundown of what an over-under is, how to bet on them, and the best sports betting taking over-under bets in the US.

Betting On The Over-Under

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What Is An Over-Under Wager?

A bet on the over-under (a.k.a. the total) is a bet on the total number of points to be scored higher or lower than a specified number at online sportsbooks. Betting on either side of the over-under typically comes with -110 odds. Legal online sportsbooks will offer these odds for nearly every game that they post. For example, NFL sports betting sites assigned an over-under of 51.5 points for Super Bowl 57 between the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles. If you had bet the over, you would have been correct because the teams combined for 73 points. Betting on the points in scenarios such as the one just outlined is often a great way for both casual fans and hardcore bettors to get in on the action because they don’t necessarily have to pick a team, but can root for points.

Best Sports Betting Sites To Bet On The Over-Under


Bovada Sportsbook

Best Site To Bet On The Over-Under

No matter the sport, Bovada is the best sportsbook for Americans looking to bet on the over-under. The sportsbook releases its odds early every week and offers live betting odds on the over-under for many markets. This combination of pregame and live betting odds, plus their fastest-in-the-industry payouts, make Bovada the best sportsbook to bet on the over-under for US players.

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BetOnline Sportsbook

Top Site To Bet On Over-Unders From Your Phone

Instant compatibility with any phone, tablet, or any other handheld device makes BetOnline one of the top mobile sports betting site in the US to bet on the over-under. To bet on the over-under from your phone at BetOnline, you just log in from your mobile browser and pick the bets you like. That means you don’t even have to download a sportsbook app to explore over-under betting. Another plus at BetOnline is that mobile bettors can apply their $1,000 sign-up bonus to any over-under bet that they choose.

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Types Of Over-Under Bets

The most common type of over-under at legal sports betting sites is on the total combined points for two teams in one game, but it is not the only type of over-under. Many of these types of over-unders are relatively self-explanatory, with examples provided below.

  • Single Game Over-Under: Players bet on if a specified game will go over or under the total number of points that the sportsbook specifies. Single-game wagers on the over-under combine the total of both teams.
  • Individual Team Over-Under: Instead of betting on the combined score of a game, you can bet on if a single team will go over or under the total. Most sportsbooks taking US players have an individual total for both teams. When both individual team over-unders are added up, that is typically the overall total for that game.
  • Player Prop Over-Unders: Player props are often technically over-unders, with sportsbooks offering odds on a player to accumulate more or less of a specified stat before a game. At NFL betting sites in the US this is common for passing yards, touchdowns, and tackles.
  • Grand Salami Over-Under: When a specified sports league has multiple games scheduled for one day, you can often bet on the combined scores of every game to add up to more or less than a total. MLB sportsbooks in the US came up with the term Grand Salami in reference to grand slams in baseball and offer the wager the most. Grand Salami over-unders are also commonly accepted wagers at legal NHL betting sites.
  • Live Betting Teasers: Most sportsbooks won’t allow you to tease over-unders once the game has started. But, you may find it soon. This would make great in a game like the Chargers Jaguars 2023 NFL Playoffs game. At halftime, 34 points were scored. With an over-under at 66 at the time, it would have been nice to tease it down to 58, which would have hit.

How Do Teasers Affect Over-Under Bets?

Legal betting sites for over-under wagering often allow players to incorporate these styles of bets into teasers. Teasers allow bettors to effectively lower the total of at least two games by a few points. Teasers are different from parlays in that the added risk of multiple games is slightly offset by the shifting of the over-under line that helps the bettors. This means that teaser over-under bets means bettors will have worse payouts than parlays at legal sports betting sites, but they have a higher chance of success because of the lower over-under.

Where Are Over-Under Bets At Legal Betting Sites?

Legal sports betting sites taking over-under bets make it easy for all players to find these wagers. In a standard odds box, sportsbooks will have over-unders listed on the far-right side with the spread and moneyline next to it. Over-unders are extremely accessible because they are one of the most common bets made for nearly every sporting event and because they can be parlayed with bets on the moneyline or on the spread. Moneyline and spread bets cannot be parlayed together, but you can parlay one of those bets with the total. Additionally, sportsbooks for spread betting allow players to tease spreads and over-unders on one slip.

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