Last updated on: July 25th, 2023

Famous Sports Bettors: Drake

Aubrey “Drake” Graham is one of the biggest musical artists in the world, and has been for the last decade. In recent times, Champagne Papi has begun to embark on a sports betting journey. He’s been known for sitting courtside with his favorite basketball teams for a long time – and even been the subject of jokes when those teams changed, from the Toronto Raptors to the Miami Heat to the Golden State Warriors, back to the Raptors again, and then to the Lakers. By dipping his toe into legal sports betting, however, he has begun to become one of the faces of sports betting for the Instagram generation, based on how he posts his wagers on the platform.


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What Is Drake’s Betting Style?

Drake bets big. As one of the highest selling musical artists of the last decade, Drake has the opportunity to wager large amounts of money and not have to deal with the consequences the way many of us might have to. As a fellow famous sports bettor Charles Barkley put it, if you have the money, you don’t actually have a gambling problem. Drake’s biggest wager that we know of was placed on Super Bowl LVI, and he put it on the Rams to win the game, which they did. He wagered $471,000 on Los Angeles that day, and walked away with more than $700,000. Drake tends to wager simply, by picking winners, or by betting on his friends, such as when he wagered on multiple Odell Beckham Jr. overs.

Drake’s Big Wins and Losses

One of Drake’s biggest wins so far was a $2.6 million parlay win, where he picked the New York Rangers over the Pittsburgh Penguins, the Dallas Mavericks over the Phoenix Suns and the Tampa Bay Lightning over the Toronto Maple Leafs. Everything played out just as Drake predicted, and he cashed in for more than $2.6 million on that wager. His original wager was a bit above $300,000, and the big payout that he got from it is notable because of this – a normal bettor wouldn’t have put that much on it, but you could have won $260 on $30 if you predicted the same outcome, for example.

Drake’s biggest reported loss came when he blew a ton of money – reports say anywhere from $400,000 to $550,000 – on Justin Gaethje’s title shot against UFC Champion Charles Oliveira. The interesting thing about this is that Drake put more than $400,000 on the Gaethje moneyline, but also, it seems, may have made other wagers at legal UFC sportsbooks, as some report that he lost as much as $550,000 on that night. It’s not clear what those other wagers were, but an educated guess would be that he also wagered on Gaethje by a specific winning method, such as knockout.

Drake On Drake London

Drake placed a wager on Drake London to be the first Wide Receiver Taken off the board in the 2022 NFL Draft, and it seems that the point of the wager was purely for Drake to cash in on a guy whose name he shared. Drake London had a shot at being the first WR taken, but it wasn’t a sure thing. Except it was, as Drake London went to the Atlanta Falcons before any of his WR peers were taken, netting Drake a cool $260,000 return on a relatively small $72,000 wager.

Drake’s Bet On Rich Strike

Drake placed an extremely small wager of only $500 on Rich Strike to show in the 2022 Kentucky Derby. A show wager is a wager to finish in either first, second or third place. Rich Strike actually won the Kentucky Derby, and had 80-1 odds to do so. This meant that Drake actually cashed out less than he could have if he had simply bet Rich Strike to win. All in all, Drake walked out with a bit more than $7,000 in his pocket after betting on the Kentucky Derby.

Drake And Bitcoin Betting

Drake has a reputation for utilizing legal Bitcoin sportsbooks that accept a variety of wagers. He most prominently uses Stake, but it is suspected that he uses others as well. His Instagram is full of Bitcoin wagers, and almost all of his bets that we’ve discussed on this page – even though we displayed them in their dollar value amounts – were actually made in Bitcoin.

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