Last updated on: January 13th, 2022

Famous Sports Bettors: Steve Fezzik Bio

One of the most well-known sports bettors in the world is Steve Fezzik, as his ability to decipher statistical anomalies, especially on NFL wagers, has given him the title of “The best NFL sports betting tournament player in the world.” Fezzik was always tuned into sports betting from a young age. With the ability to solve mathematical equations quickly and the desire to know more about sports, he quickly found great success and the key to his gambling strategy.

A graduate of Northwestern University, Fezzik studied actuarial science and became a statistician in the insurance industry after college. Though he had much success in the insurance field, even making it to the level of Vice President of Transamerica Asset Management, Fezzik decided it would be best for him to focus on sports betting full time. He moved out to Las Vegas and immediately made his mark known, as getting banned for winning at a few casinos was just the start of his professional gambling career.

Fezzik Proves His Abilities To Vegas

Even while employed in the insurance industry, Fezzik would take trips into Nevada to bet on the NFL. It is said that he was making more per hour as famous sports bettor, which was one of the main reasons he decided to leave his job behind. His plan was to just do well enough to get by but not enough that sportsbooks would take notice of him. At first, this plan worked, as he won close to a million dollars in the early 2000s through a variety of tournaments.

However, the “bad luck” of being known continued even further, as he won the Las Vegas Hilton SuperContest in 2008. Winning this tournament made Fezzik a face to remember in the gambling community but it wasn’t long until everyone knew who he was when he repeated the next year, winning the contest again. Fezzik remains the only person to win the event twice and with the rapid expansion of this tournament in recent years, it is likely he will continue to hold this title.

The Use Of Math And Betting Strategy By Steve Fezzik

Having the actuarial background and also being a high school state chess tournament runner up, the ability to be ahead the of the books has given Steve Fezzik the advantage. By using a variety of outlooks, he was able to confidently place wagers, especially when it came to advantage gambling. He has been on record stating that knowing about football isn’t important to bet on but rather finding the discrepancies in the odds is crucial.

One of the favorite tactics he likes to use is waiting until right before a football game begins, taking note of the betting line at the opening and at the closing. If the line has moved remarkably in one direction, Fezzik likes to play the line on the opposite side, knowing that the books are only moving the lines to balance their books. Fezzik also claims that if you are engaging in live betting, you without a doubt need to watch the game in standard definition, as the HD feed is delayed anywhere from 5-7 seconds.

He also likes to look into the entirety of a betting line from the game score to the differences throughout each quarter and more. With each game, Fezzik has the ability to find the differences that make minor details stand out and is quick to exploit the “errors” by the oddsmakers. But above all, Fezzik states that looking at all 32 NFL teams is a mistake when attempting to wager. It is much better to lock down on 5 teams throughout the course of the season and learn every little detail about them each and every week.

Steve Fezzik’s Pick Service

Following Fezzik’s Twitter account may allow you to have a bone thrown your way from time to time, but you are betting off signing up for his pick subscription services. After being featured in a variety of magazines and newspapers as well as participating in the movie “Life On The Line”, future sports bettors are very excited to learn from one of the best.

Near the end of the 2000s and beginning of the 2010s, Fezzik sold picks but had a subpar record to his name, losing in three of the four NFL seasons. While still having a positive overall record, he wasn’t quick to continue the title of best NFL bettors. 

Outside of his Pregame picks site, he now runs The services for the websites differ; his personal site offers everything pregame has to offer, but he also gives clients his “expert plays” and will guarantee refunds to those dissatisfied with the information. A thirty-day all-access pass will cost $300. Seasonal sports packages run at about $800. With his college background in statistics and mathematics, he has an edge when it comes to the strategies he uses to get himself and his customers the most probable wagering tips. Having his great expertise in gambling also factors into his success.

Fezzik Takes To The Podcast Realm

With how things are going now, having a podcast seems to be the movement and Fezzik has followed the movement as well. This is where a lot of bettors would check out to get a lot of betting information on different matchups in all sports. The main thing that this does is help all players and the fact that Fezzick is trying to help others is huge. It is hard to find bettors who will help others be successful but Fezzik is one that doesn’t mind going on his podcast helping others out to be as successful as he is.

Text Steve Fezzik!

Steve Fezzik has made a career out of sports betting but not just as a gambler. Fezzik has turned himself into a famed expert and created a business out of his expertise to help others gamble on the games. His website offers a number of packages for sports bettors to choose from that will give them picks for various matchups depending on the package purchase. Interested buyers can also send Fezzik direct text messages to (702) 430-1226 about picks and packages that he offers. His website does state that if there are any issues by Pregame or third-party affiliates to contact those sites as he strictly runs only.