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DraftKings Sportsbook At The del Lago Resort And Casino Review

Now that one of the most anticipated arrivals for New York sports betting is here, learn more about how to get started in our DraftKings Sportsbook at the del Lago Resort and Casino review. This sportsbook has a lot of excitement surrounding it because it is ran and operated by DraftKings. New York has legalized sports betting and now is the time to bet at the DraftKings Sportsbook. The del Lago Resort and Casino is in upstate New York, in a town called Waterloo. Off of I-90, it is right next to Ciccinos and up the street from the Magee Country Diner. It is near the Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge, so there is plenty to do around the area.

If you are wondering what you should expect at the DraftKings del Lago Sportsbook, then you have come to the right place. In this review, we are going to go through a couple of different topics. We are going to discuss when the sportsbook launched, where the sportsbook is located, what you can do at the sportsbook, some restrictions that you should be aware of, and how you can enjoy your time while you are here. By the end of the review, you will know everything you need to know about the DraftKings Sportsbook at del Lago.

When Did The del Lago Resort & Casino Sportsbook Launch?

The DraftKings Sportsbook at del Lago launched as of August 2019. Lawmakers were able to hash out the details of sports betting in New York. The opening of the sportsbook was just in time for the 2019 football season. But it is thanks to recent events that this sportsbook can even open up in the first place. Back in 2013, sports betting was legalized and that allowed state-licensed casinos to offer sportsbooks. But they were not able to launch the sportsbooks just yet. That is due to the fact that the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) was in place.

PASPA was a federal law that prevented the states from expanding their sports betting laws. It’s the reason why Vegas had a virtual monopoly on sports betting. But in mid-2018, everything changed. PASPA was struck down by the Supreme Court and that allowed the states to decide for themselves whether or not to legalize sports betting. People thought since New York already had sports betting laws in place, they were going to be one of the first. That was not the case as New York lawmakers had to work out the final details at the time. But now that the DraftKings Sportsbook is open at del Lago Resort, here are the times you can go and visit.

Monday – Friday: 11am – 2am
Saturday: 11am – 3am
Sunday: 9am – 2am

Where Is The del Lago Resort & Casino Sportsbook Located?

This isn’t the first location that DraftKings will provide a sportsbook for. Although their New Jersey sportsbook is online only, you can better believe that the company knows how to provide you with an amazing sports betting experience. You are going to find the sportsbook near the entrance of the casino. There is wall to wall televisions with all the games you could be betting on alongside with odds boards. There is a big seating area as well for you and your friends to watch the game. Not only that, but the DraftKings logo is plastered all over the sportsbook, which will make it easy to notice. If you are still struggling to find this sportsbook, make sure you talk to the staff because they can point you in the right direction.

How Old Do I Need To Be To Bet At The del Lago Resort & Casino Sportsbook?

One of the rules that have been established is the legal sports betting age in New York. You will need to be 21 years or older to bet on sports at the DraftKings Sportsbook at del Lago Casino. Once you are 21, you are free to bet on any of your favorite teams from a wide variety of sports. Do not try to gamble underage or you may end up getting banned from the casino.

Does The del Lago Resort & Casino Sportsbook Offer Full-Service Sports Betting?

Since the sportsbook at the del Lago is being run by DraftKings, you can fully expect the sportsbook to offer full-service betting. This means that you take part in single game wagering at this upcoming sportsbook. You can bet on the Knicks, Syracuse, or any of your favorite teams from New York. If you are a fan of a team from another state or around the world, you can bet on them as well. You will not find a shortage of games or teams to bet on while you are at the DraftKings sportsbook.

Mobile Wagering At The del Lago Resort & Casino Sportsbook

Mobile wagering is in an odd position in New York. At the time of this writing, state-licensed mobile sports betting is not permitted. That means even though DraftKings does have a mobile sportsbook available in New Jersey, you will not be able to use it while you are in New York. Lawmakers in New York could not agree on how they should handle mobile wagering, so it is currently unavailable not only at this location but in New York as a whole.

Live Betting At The del Lago Resort & Casino Sportsbook

DraftKings knows how to entertain their customers, so you can better believe that you have the ability to live bet on all of your favorite sports. Live betting allows you to make a bet while a game is in progress. Let’s say you are currently in a losing scenario with your bet, you can bet on a play by play basis to earn some of your money back. Or you can do that while you are ahead and earn even more money than you would have. You can bet on who will score next or whether or not there will be a foul coming up. With live in-game betting at the del Lago DraftKings Sportsbook, there are limitless ways you can earn cash on your favorite teams.

DraftKings Sportsbook At del Lago Resort & Casino FAQs

Do You Have To Be A New York Resident To Place Your Bets?
No. The retail DraftKings Sportsbook will be like visiting any other casino- you just have to be physically in the state. So long as you have a valid ID that says you are 21 years or older, then you will be able to place your bets at this sportsbook no matter which state you are originally from.
What Are The del Lago Resort & Casino Sportsbook Promotions?

Like any other casino in the country, the del Lago Resort and Casino have a number of ongoing promotions that rotate on a regular basis. You are likely to see new promotions at different times of the year to match the seasons and holidays. For example, since it is football season, the resort has a Pro Football Sunday promotion going on. On Sundays, there are giveaways and certain drinks will be cheaper to buy. Visiting the DraftKings sportsbook is a great way to unwind and enjoy the NFL season while making your bets as well.

How Can I Join The del Lago Resort & Casino Players Club?
It is really easy for you to join the players club at the del Lago Resort & Casino. All you have to do is go to the casino floor and ask the friendly staff on how you can join. Once you do join, there are plenty of rewards just waiting for you. You can redeem points at local stores to get discounts on alcohol or your favorite cheeses. At the casino, you can get buffet discounts and get free time at the spa. There are four card tiers you can have and the first one is free. If you want to get started on getting some excellent rewards, join the players club and start building points today.
Can I Parlay My Bets At The del Lago Resort & Casino Sportsbook?

You can absolutely parlay your bets at the DraftKings Sportsbook at del Lago Resort & Casino. Seeing how they are partnered with DraftKings to give you the best sports betting experience you can have, there is no way they wouldn’t let you parlay your bets. If you are feeling lucky and you want a bigger payout on multiple bets, then parlaying them will be your best shot. Just remember that if a single one of your bets loses, your whole parlay loses and you will not get any money. But if you do win, then your winnings will be much higher than normal.