Devin Booker and Jayson Tatum

  • There are +115 odds for Devin Booker and Jayson Tatum to score 30+ points each.
  • Each the Celtics, 76ers, Nuggets, and 76ers have +175 odds to score 50+ points in the first half.
  • The Knicks, Heat, Lakers, and Warriors have +125 odds to score 18+ points in every quarter.

PHILADELPHIA – Every NBA Playoff series in round 2 is headed for Game 3 over Friday and Saturday and there are tons of NBA prop bets being offered by online betting sites with tons of different angles.

The four playoff series that remain are the Philadelphia 76ers vs. Boston Celtics, Denver Nuggets vs. Phoenix Suns, Miami Heat vs. New York Knicks, and Los Angeles Lakers vs. Golden State Warriors.

Booker & Tatum To Continue Torching

Devin Booker & Jayson Tatum To Each Score 30+ Points

  • Yes +115

These NBA odds should be a lock to hit as both Jayson Tatum and Devin Booker are two of the elite scorers in the NBA. On the season, Tatum is averaging 30.1 ppg while Booker is putting up 27.8 ppg. Both of them have also had great playoff outings thus far and have hit 30+ points often.

While many are quick to see that Tatum scored just 7 points in Game 2 vs. the 76ers, he only played 19 minutes as they had a hefty lead. Over his last five games though which extends back to the last series against Atlanta, he put up 30+ in three of those games to help with his 31 ppg in his last 10 games. When playing on the road this season straight up, he’s averaging 28.6 ppg.

As for Booker, he’s been on another planet throughout the playoffs. In the first series, he averaged 37.2 ppg and is currently averaging 31 ppg against the Nuggets in round 2. As a whole, Booker is putting up 35.4 ppg during these playoffs. This game will also be played in Phoenix where Booker is currently averaging 28.1 ppg. With Phoenix currently trailing 0-2 in the series, Booker will look to put on a show for the home crowd to pull off a win.

All Friday Teams To Get Hot Early

Celtics, 76ers, Nuggets, Suns 50+ First Half Points Each

  • Yes +175

This should be another easy and profitable bet to make on legal online sportsbooks with all four teams hitting 50+ points in the first half with ease this season. There should be no doubts with Boston as they lead the league with over 60 first-half points per game and have scored 50+ in each of the two first halves against Philly. Over their last three games, they’ve even turned it up with 63.7 points per first half.

The 76ers aren’t far behind them having averaged 58.2 points per first half this season and are at 50.7 points per first half in their last three games. There is also a 214.5-point total in the game meaning oddsmakers could be expecting both teams to do their part.

Looking at Denver and Phoenix, NBA oddsmakers are even more prepared in this one as they have a 224.5-point total for the game. They each also put up high-scoring numbers in the first half with the Nuggets averaging the fifth most at 59.6 this season while the Suns are at 56 even. In Game 1, each of them scored 50+ in the first half with ease and failed to do so in Game 2. Looking at their four meetings during the regular season though, they both scored 50+ in each first half in all but one game.

Saturday Game 3’s Given Low-Scoring Quarter Marks

Heat, Knicks, Lakers, Warriors All Score 18+ Points In Each Quarter

  • Yes +125

18 points in a quarter is not at all hard to hit for any team and every team in the league averages at least 8 points more than 18 points per quarter. Both the Heat and Knicks have gone for 18+ points in each quarter of both of their games to this point and both average well over that mark in every quarter this season.

Quarter Point Average

Quarter: Miami Heat: New York Knicks:
1st Quarter 28.5 29.5
2nd Quarter 27.9 29
3rd Quarter 26.2 28.2
4th Quarter 226.9 226.9

For both the Lakers and Warriors, they are both two of the highest-scoring teams per quarter this season and there should be no doubts about them going over 18 points at all. The Lakers went over 18 points in every quarter of both games against Golden State while the Warriors missed the mark once in the fourth quarter of Game 2 while they were already up 30 points.

Quarter Point Average

Quarter: Los Angeles Lakers: Golden State Warriors:
1st Quarter 28.6 30.1
2nd Quarter 29.3 30.2
3rd Quarter 28.7 30.1
4th Quarter 28.9 27.7
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