Jonathan Bales

  • You can bet on whether FantasyLabs co-founder Jonathan Bales can complete 2,400 push-ups in 12 hours.
  • Odds sit at -145 for Bales to complete the challenge and +105 for him to fail.

PHILADELPHIA – On Thursday, April 2, FantasyLabs co-founder Jonathan Bales (now with the Action Network) will attempt to complete 2,400 push-ups in 12 hours. This challenge is the center of a $2,000 bet with daily fantasy sports player Peter Christensen.

Because this is happening during a pandemic that has largely shut down global sports, of course sportsbooks are offering entertainment odds on the results of this challenge. The current line is more favorable for Bales than you might think.

Will Jonathan Bales Complete 2,400 Push-Ups in 12 Hours?

  • Yes -145
  • No +105

The odds are favorable for Bales, and on paper, the challenge seems doable. The 2,400 push-ups in 12 hours averages out to 200 push-ups per hour or one every 18 seconds.

The problem will be maintaining that pace throughout the day, as fatigue will likely set in early and force Bales to slow down his reps or take frequent breaks.

Rules Of The Challenge

Bales and Christensen have already agreed to a set of rules and a form for Bales to use. Bales posted a video of his intended push-up form on Twitter, which Christensen signed off on.

The challenge stipulates that every push-up be completed on camera and that each rep will count as long as it is close enough to the agreed upon form—defined as an effort made in good faith.

Christensen also specified that there were no other restrictions on the challenge. Bales could, if he wanted, take performance-enhancing drugs to complete the challenge without violating the rules.

The final result of the challenge will be determined by a panel of three judges: Peter Manzinelli, Dan Back, and Headchopper.

How Feasible Is This Challenge?

There haven’t really been any empirical studies about the number of push-ups someone can complete in a day, so the feasibility of this challenge is uncertain.

NFL Hall of Fame running back Herschel Walker does 2,000 push-ups every single day even in his 50s. That hardly seems like a fair standard though, as Walker is one of the greatest athletes in NFL history.

The most push-ups ever completed in 24 hours was 46,001, but that also isn’t a fair standard for a relatively average gambling writer. Bales himself admitted in an interview that he’s never done more than 500 push-ups in a single day before.

Bales’ challenge will likely come down to nothing more than willpower. Completing 2,400 push-ups is physically achievable, but it is going to be draining and painful. Thankfully, $2,000 is a very moving incentive.

The challenge will be live streamed on Thursday, with more details to come on Bales’ social media.

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