Tyler Boyd, Will Fuller, Julian Edelman, Sterling Shepard

  • Tyler Boyd of the Cincinnati Bengals is projected to put up 229.91 points.
  • Will Fuller V of the Houston Texans is projected to score 184.42 points with the absence of Deandra Hopkins.
  • Fantasy football sites are projecting 197.44 points this season for Julian Edelman.
  • Sterling Shepard is projected to reach 156.45 but could end up surprising the experts.

NEW YORK — As fantasy football season starts to heat up with many drafts happening this week, it is always good to look further down the line for sleeper players.

The wide receiver position runs very deep in the NFL as there is plenty of talented players that can be taken at any point in the draft. There are, however, players to look out for as they could potentially be a diamond in the rough amongst wide receivers.

Legal sports betting sites have these projections for these receivers:

Wide Receiver Fantasy Points Projections:

  • Tyler Boyd – 229.91
  • Will Fuller V – 184.42
  • Julian Edelman – 197.44
  • Sterling Shepard – 156.46

Starting with Tyler Boyd, he is the sure WR2 on for the Cincinnati Bengals but has plenty of WR1 potential. The reason being is that Bengals rookie quarterback, Joe Burrow, has a great connection with slot receivers which is what Boyd plays.

During his senior year at LSU, the slot receiver led the nation with 1,540 yards and 18 touchdowns.

Not to say that Boyd will lead the league in those categories, but the fact that Burrow is known to have chemistry with slot receivers adds great value to Boyd. If available in rounds four through six, this should be an obvious pick.

Looking at Will Fuller V, all signs are pointing to a breakout season by the 26-year old receiver as he is now seen as the WR1 on a Houston Texans offense that has stayed consistently good.

Fuller has the potential to break out if he stays healthy as his former running mate, DeAndre Hopkins, is no longer there which creates endless amounts of opportunity for him.

As long as his health cooperates with him, he is a great late-round pick that could have WR2 potential on any fantasy football team.

As for Julian Edelman, he should not be slept on at all. He is the lead wide receiver on a New England Patriots team that is thin at the receiver spot but has managed to get by. Edelman put up career receiving yards in the 2019 season with 1,117 yards to go along with six touchdowns.

He is on pace to have a repeat as he should still be treated as the WR1 that he is. If he is available in rounds five through seven, he would be a great flex option.

The New York Giants WR1, Sterling Shepard is set to come back strong after an injury-plagued season in 2019. Shepard is the clear WR1 option here as he put up 872 yards and four touchdowns during his 2018 campaign.

Being that he is coming back from an injured season, he will slip in the draft and in some formats, could even be seen in rounds eight through ten.

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