Kamila Harris, Amy Klobachar, Elizabeth Warren, Stacy Abrams, and Hillary Clinton.

  • Kamala Harris is favored to become the Democratic Vice President.
  • The Democratic National Convention will be from July 13-16.
  • Hillary Clinton has the fifth shortest odds to be the Vice President at +1000.

MILWAUKEE – The political season is in full swing as many Americans have voiced their opinion at polls for who should win the Democratic nomination and run against President Donald Trump in 2020 election. As the Democratic Primary season starts to see the light at the end of the tunnel, sportsbooks have released more odds on who will receive the nod for the Vice-Presidential bid at the Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Now that much of the dust has settled, former Vice President Joe Biden has separated himself on the political betting boards with -1250 odds to win the Democratic Nomination over Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders (+1400).

The sportsbook BetOnline has released odds on who could possibly be Biden’s running mate in the 2020 election with some familiar faces leading at the top of the odds board. Below are five candidates worth considering placing a bet on to win the Vice President’s seat.

Kamala Harris (+200)

California Senator Kamala Harris has the shortest odds to earn the Democratic Vice-Presidential nomination at +200. Although Harris is the favorite, her odds should be taken with caution as her and Biden had bitter battles in the Democratic debates when Harris was running for president. However, Biden did speak glowingly of Harris a day after she bowed out of the race and never closed the door on having her as his Vice President .

Amy Klobuchar (+250)

Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar is right on the heels of Kamala Harris at sportsbooks with +250 odds. Klobuchar and Harris are the only candidates on the odds board with odds shorter than +300. Klobuchar might have the inside track to the Vice-Presidential nomination, as days after ending her campaign she endorsed Joe Biden. The chances of Klobuchar getting the Vice-Presidential nomination at +250 odds should be taken more so than the odds-on Kamala Harris. If bettors must decide between the two, Klobuchar is the much better choice to alongside Biden than Harris.

Elizabeth Warren (+500)

The Massachusetts Senator dropped out of the race shortly after losing her home state to Biden on the biggest day of the Democratic primary cycle. Warren is a lot more progressive than Biden and is a much better Vice-Presidential fit alongside Bernie Sanders, but she can’t be counted out as a potential candidate on the Biden ticket. Warren’s political experience and policies would be a big help for Biden’s campaign all while bringing more progressive Democrats to support Biden. Her +500 odds make the risk worth the reward.

Stacey Abrams (+500)

Former State of Georgia Representative Stacey Abrams has earned the right to be considered for the role of Vice President. Although she recently lost her bid to be the Governor of Georgia to Brian Kemp, the campaign launched Abrams into one of the most popular women in the Democratic Party seemingly overnight. Abrams +500 odds are tied with Elizabeth Warren, but she has a much better chance at being on the ticket than Warren. Furthermore, Joe Biden did campaign for Abrams in 2018 and depending on how that relationship is grown over the years it could be Abrams that is alongside Biden as the Democratic nominee.

Hillary Clinton (+1000)

The 2016 Democratic nominee has seen her odds to become Vice President shrink over the past few weeks. It might be unlikely that she receives the bid, but she cannot be overlooked. She has the strongest resume of anybody in front of her on the odds board and has been relatively quiet since losing the 2016 election to Donald Trump. Clinton is the biggest dice roll on the odds board and if taking her +1000 odds know that she hasn’t been much of a force in the Democratic Party since her loss. However, her odds are worth watching as we get closer to the Democratic National Convention.

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