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  • Bovada has +900 odds for an octopus to occur during Super Bowl 58 by any player.
  • Last year was the first time an octopus has been scored during the Super Bowl (Hurts).
  • Patrick Mahomes and Christian McCaffrey have both scored an octopus once before.

LAS VEGAS – Betting on an octopus to occur during Super Bowl 58 has become one of the most popular bet types already. Part of the excitement is around the prop hitting last year at +600 to +1200 at different legal sports betting sites.

Super Bowl 57 was the first time that an octopus has been scored in the game, with Jalen Hurts doing it all with his legs. Even though Super Bowl 58 does not feature a QB that sores as many rushing touchdowns as Hurts (28 in the past two seasons), there are still players that could cash this prop in 2024.

Will An Octopus Be Scored By Any Player In Super Bowl 58?

  • Yes +900
  • No -2900

Who Has Scored An Octopus In The Past?

Patrick Mahomes and Christian McCaffrey are the only two players in the Super Bowl that have a career octopus under their belt. However, neither took place during the 2023-24 season. Mahomes did not even score any rushing touchdowns this year, after scoring four the previous year.

In his career, Mahomes has three total successful two point rushes but none in the postseason.

McCaffrey scored a total of 21 rushing/receiving touchdowns during the regular season and four in the postseason in 2023-24. His only career successful two point conversion was his octopus.

Who Has The Best Chance To Score An Octopus in Super Bowl 58?

Isiah Pacheco (-120) and Travis Kelce (+100) have the two shortest odds to score a touchdown for the Chiefs anytime during the big game at Bovada Sportsbook. In his two years in the league, Pacheco has never scored a two point conversion. Kelce has five total but none in the postseason.

Has An Octopus Been Scored This Postseason?

There were no octopi scored during the 2023-24 NFL postseason but there was a total of five two point conversion attempts. Three of those were successful. But, going for two has become more common in the NFL, with a 32% increase since 2020.

In the past 10 postseasons, an octopus has only been scored in four total times.

What Is An Octopus in the Super Bowl?

An octopus at legal Super Bowl betting sites is a prop that cashes if any player scores a touchdown and a two point conversion on the same drive. If you bet on a quarterback, they have to have to score both on the ground. The bet will not hit if they throw a passing TD and a passing two point.

There have only been 188 octopi scored in NFL history, with only one of those taking place in the Super Bowl.

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