Lamar Jackson - Tom Brady

  • Tom Brady has -115 odds to throw for over 281.5 yards and Lamar Jackson has -105 odds to throw under 209.5 yards for their Thursday Night Football matchup.
  • Brady and Jackson have both struggled to throw passing TDs, with both QBs having zero during week seven.
  • Jackson is favored to throw under 1.5 and Brady is favored to throw over for TNF.

TAMPA BAY – Tom Brady and Lamar Jackson are set to face off for Thursday Night Football and the Ravens are 1.5-point favorites to win on the road.

While Bovada does have options for betting on the lines, alternative spreads, and over/under totals, they offer odds for the player props of both quarterbacks for total passing yards, total TDs, and more. Brady is favored to record more passing yards but Jackson is projected to have more rushing and passing yards combined.

Total Combined Rush/Pass Yards

  • Brady -110
  • Jackson -120

Total Passing Yards – Brady

  • Over 281.5 -115
  • Under 281.5 -115

In his last five games, Brady has averaged 308 yards per game. Even though the Bucs have lost three straight and struggled offensively, Brady has the sixth most passing yards in 2022.

Averaging 42 pass attempts per game, Brady’s over has favorable odds for the TNF prop, even if the Bucs are missing Cameron Brate, Mike Evans, and Julio Jones. During their week seven loss, Brady made at least one completion to 10 different players on the team.

Total Passing Yards – Jackson

  • Over 209.5 -125
  • Under 209.5 -105

Baltimore has played three road games through seven games in 2022 and Lamar Jackson has shined in these scenarios. Jackson has averaged 30 pass attempts and 213 passing yards on the road.

However, betting on the over for Jackson holds risk for legal NFL betting players for several reasons. The Bucs’ defense has not allowed a team to throw for over 211 yards during their last three games.

  • Week 7: PJ Walker – 177 passing yards
  • Week 6: Trubisky/Pickett – 211 passing yards
  • Week 5: Marcus Mariota – 147 passing yards

The Ravens have also not been a pass-first team, with Jackson averaging 199 yards per game in the air. The Ravens’ two leading receivers in Mark Andrews and Rashod Bateman are also not expected to play during TNF.

The two receivers have recorded a total of 740 yards over the 2022 season, leaving the rest of the Ravens receivers with a total of 657 yards combined between 10 players.

Total Passing Touchdowns – Brady

  • Over 1.5 -145
  • Under 1.5 +110

After leading the NFL during the 2021 season with the most passing TDs at 43, Brady has helped legal sports betting sites due to the people betting the over on Tom Brady.

Over Bucs’ seven 2022 games played, Brady has thrown only eight TDs. After week four, Brady has only thrown two total touchdowns.

Total Passing Touchdowns – Jackson

  • Over 1.5 +105
  • Under 1.5 -135

Even though he has thrown five more total TDs than Brady, Jackson is favored to throw under 1.5 against the Bucs on TNF. Jackson has 13 total passing TDs on the season and has thrown eight of them playing on the road.

While they ended up getting a win against Cleveland in week seven, Jackson had zero passing TDs and could be missing his two favorite redzone targets in week eight.

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