Walt Disney World entrance

  • Disney World and Disneyland were both closed to the public in March due to Covid-19.
  • Disneyland (California) has -140 odds of opening before January 1, 2021.
  • Disney World (Florida) is favored (-200) to not make guests wear face masks while at the park.

ORLANDO — The coronavirus pandemic has seemingly put the entire world on hold as Disneyland and Disney World – along with their hotel resorts and restaurants – were forced to close to the public in March as efforts to curb the Covid-19 took precedent.

Now that some states are starting to ease restrictions on lockdowns, legal sportsbooks have wasted no time in putting together entertainment betting props that range from when the parks will reopen to if guests will be forced to wear masks while at the park.

In Florida, Disney World could be closer to reopening than Disneyland, as the state has put the power to reopen in the hands of the theme park as long as they abide by the set mandates which haven’t been officially set yet. California has yet to do so as they have a bigger population and more to worry about as fas as creating another outbreak.

“Theme parks and other venues of that magnitude shall each develop their own specific and unique set of guidelines following the CDC recommendations and using best practices that will protect the life, health and safety of their employees and guests,” said Chuck Whittall, president of Unicorp. “They will be permitted to open at their own discretion with their internally determined level of safe capacities throughout the various phases.”

Will Disney World Guests Be Required To Wear Face Masks?

  • Yes +150
  • No -200

Winner: Yes (+150). As a theme park, Disney has to do all it can to ensure customer safety while at the park. Upon reopening Disney World should make all employees and park patrons wear masks while in the park especially if Disney opens before the entire coronavirus pandemic is over. Wearing masks in public has become the new normal as people try to avoid contracting the virus.

Will Guests Temperatures Be Taken Before Entering Disney World?

  • Yes -120
  • No -120

Winner: No (-120). Although it’s not out of the realm of possibilities once Disney reopens that guests will have to take a temperature reading before entering the park. The only bet that should be placed on this prop are the “No” odds. It seems a bit much for an entire theme park to invest in the tools needed to pull off these testing capabilities. Bettors should feel comfortable taking the “No” option here.

When Will Disney World (Florida) Reopen?

  • After July 1, 2020 -120
  • Before July 1, 2020 -120

Winner: After July 1 (-120). Take the odds on Disney World opening back up After July 1. Although Disney could open back up as Florida starts to ease its lockdown restrictions. There has been some chatter about opening the park back up at half capacity and this could put Disney on schedule to open before July 1. However, without a decent return, its best to take the conservative route on this bet and go with the park opening back up after the start of July.

When Will Disneyland (California) Reopen?

  • After January 1, 2021 +100
  • Before January 1, 2021 -140

Winner: Before January 1 (-140). California has a much bigger population than Florida and that is why the timetable for their odds to reopen is longer. Governor Gavin Newsom may take his time in terms of restarting the state’s economy. Although the odds of opening up Disneyland favor before January 1, 2021, take the even odds on the park opening after. Unless there is a cure for Covid-19 developed this summer, expect Disneyland to remain closed for the time being.

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