Kentucky Sports Betting

  • Kentucky’s inaugural sports betting catalog was approved by the Sports Betting Advisory Council.
  • Esports, LIV Golf, and the main group of professional sports such as NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL are confirmed on the catalog.
  • Betting on horse and dog racing, pickleball, volleyball, Academy Awards and Emmy Awards are not on the Kentucky sports betting catalog.

FRANKFORT, Ky. – The Kentucky Sports Betting Advisory Council approved the state’s sports betting catalog. Now, it heads to the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission for final approval before going into effect.

The legal sports betting catalog is expected to be expanded prior to Kentucky’s online sports betting launch on September 28. A 20-minute discussion was held regarding the contents of the sports betting catalog.

Director of Sports Wagering, Hans Stokke said in the meeting that “A licensee shall not offer sports wagering that has not been approved by the racing commission.”

Stokke and the rest of the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission (KHRC) compiled the sports betting catalog through observing the existing catalogs of states with legal sports betting and consultation with sister jurisdictions.

Which Bets are In?

Although the official Kentucky sports betting catalog isn’t available to the public yet, discussion concerning certain sports and leagues guarantee their presence.

It’s obvious that Kentucky residents will be able to bet on the NFL and other American professional leagues such as the MLB, NBA, and NHL. One member of the Kentucky Sports Betting Advisory Council raised questions to the competitiveness of LIV Golf.

Director Stokke confirmed LIV Golf, as well as the DP World Tour and PGA TOUR are on the catalog. The integrity of the legal esports betting was also discussed and ultimately approved on the catalog.

Which Bets are Out?

“There are some omissions from this catalog that will not be allowed in Kentucky that you might find in other jurisdictions,” said Director Stokke. “Particularly, any dogs or horse races will not be included in our catalog. Any events that are not considered sporting events like academy awards or Emmy Awards won’t be allowed in this catalog as wagering types or markets.”

Director Stokke also cited props for injuries, penalties, and outcome of replay reviews as unavailable wagers. There are certain sporting events or leagues that were omitted but could possibly be added to legal online sportsbooks through service providers submitting potential new markets to the KHRC.

Other sports, such as pickleball and volleyball will be discussed in upcoming meetings.

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