• DraftKings’ Flash Bet product is faster than traditional live betting.
  • At Wimbledon, Flash Bet will allow wagers to be placed on every point.
  • If successful, DraftKings could launch Flash Bet for all major US sports.

BOSTON, MA – If DraftKings has its way, live betting will finally be truly live.

Called Flash Bet, DraftKings’ new in-game wagering platform is being trialed right now during Wimbledon. The system allows bettors to wager on individual points in each game of the major tennis tournament.

Per DraftKings’ press release, Flash Bet offers a “faster, easier way for customers who love sports to engage in every minute of action through live betting and instant winnings.”

Previously, live betting in tennis was limited to games, sets, and matches, with each new wager taking several seconds – and often several minutes – to be published, acted on, closed, graded, and paid out.

Flash Bet changes all that.

To experience Flash Bet, you’ll have to live in a state where the DraftKings sportsbook operates (New Jersey, Mississippi) and download the company’s sports betting app to your Android or iOS device.

Flash Bet’s app integration also features live graphics that “show the ball as it moves across the court in real-time with descriptions of the service, points won and court type.”

Jordan Mendell, Senior VP of Product Research and Development at DraftKings, explains the rationale behind the new product.

“Live wagering is already widely popular today, but also represents a crucial part of the customer experience and engagement tomorrow. Short of playing on the court themselves, we are wholly invested in bringing our customers as close as possible to Wimbledon this year, while also giving them a taste of the lightning-quick innovations to come.”

For many serious bettors, tennis is the bread and butter of their wagering pastime. It’s the grind where they make their money.

However, for casual bettors, particularly those who wager primarily on the major American sports, Flash Bet’s future potential applications are more alluring.

If successful during its Wimbledon debut, sports fans can expect to see Flash Bet (and similar competing products) used for MLB, NFL, NCAA, NBA, and NHL betting, among other markets.

The goal for immersive live wagering is that bettors will be able to put money on every pitch, every snap, every in-bounds pass, every faceoff. They’ll be able to wager on whether a batter swings or takes, whether a play is a handoff or pass, whether the next bucket comes from inside the paint or outside the arc, and more.

Flash Bet, while still a nascent technology, is the logical conclusion of sports betting.

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