Governor Larry Hogan

  • Sports wagering legalization will be seen as “Question 2” on the November 3 ballots of all participating voters in Maryland.
  • Governor Larry Hogan stands behind making sports betting legal and believes that the state will see a favorable vote for legal sports betting by his constituents.

BALTIMORE – Marylanders will be voting on whether or not to legalize sports betting in the state on their November 3 ballots and Governor Larry Hogan is in support of the measure’s passage.

If the majority of residents (51%) are in favor of legal sports wagering, the 2021 session of the Maryland General Assembly will then carve out time on their calendar to discuss an agreed-upon structure for the industry.

Lawmakers made no such proposals in the 2020 session as it would’ve been a practice in futility should voters decide against sports betting in Maryland.

Question 2 & The Governor’s Stance

Why does Governor Hogan want legal sportsbooks in Maryland? The answer is simple enough. The pastime has been happening for years but the state has never profited from it because Marylanders use outside sources to wager on matchups.

And while there is no set landscape for what the sports betting market will entail, the one sure stipulation is that the revenue gained from the industry would go toward the education system in the state for grades K-12.

“Question 2 provides a critical revenue source for public education without raising taxes on families and businesses. This initiative builds on the very successful ‘Hogan Lockbox,’ which puts casino revenues in a lockbox dedicated to education. We are already funding our K-12 schools at record levels, and this is another way to ensure that is the case for years to come,” said Hogan.

The infamous “Hogan Lockbox” is where the Governor stores revenue from the gambling markets to keep safe for the funding of the state’s education sector. Sports wagers are another form of gaming that will have its revenue placed in the lockbox for safekeeping.

Now more than ever education is in need of funds due to the economic crisis that the Coronavirus Pandemic has put the nation in, Maryland included.

Education is one of the areas that will be getting future budget cuts to keep the economy afloat but the addition of legal sports wagers will help sustain the education structure of Maryland’s youth. With that being said, Hogan fully believes his constituents will vote to pass Question 2 come November 3.

The November 3 Maryland Ballot

All of those participating in the November 3 vote in the Free State will have many subjects to weigh in on. This is what voters will see in regards to Maryland sports betting legalization. Question 2 on the ballot will read:

“Do you approve the expansion of commercial gaming in the State of Maryland to authorize sports and events betting for the primary purpose of raising revenue for education?”

Voters will either choose “Yes” or “No” to answer the question. Before the night of November 3 ends, the state will know if legal sportsbooks will be seen in Maryland in 2021 or if another bill that hopes to legalize gambling on sporting events will be proposed to the Maryland General Assembly in 2021.

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