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  • Remote mobile sports betting registration makes a return in Illinois.
  • Sports bettors in the state will be able to register for a mobile account for the next 30 days.

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – As of Friday, Illinois sports bettors can once again register for a mobile betting account remotely.

In the latest saga of Illinois sports betting and remote registration, Illinois bettors are free to register for an account at home.

Remote Registration In Illinois

This all began in June when Governor J.B. Pritzker signed an executive order to end in-person registration for sports betting. The reason he did this was to further prevent the spread of the coronavirus while stimulating the economy in Illinois.

Thanks to his executive order, Illinois sports bettors had an easier and safer time registering for a mobile sports betting account. However, that was short-lived.

When it came time for Gov. Pritzker to resign executive orders at the end of June, remote registration was left out of the picture. This meant that sports bettors once again had to go to a casino to sign up for a sports betting account.

This proved to be problematic as some casinos are far away from the general populous, such as the Casino Queen. Bettors would once again have to travel for hours to register for an account and they would have to go inside a casino to do so. That is dangerous during a global pandemic.

As of last Friday, that should no longer be an issue. Gov. Pritzker decided to reinstate the executive order that allows for remote registration for sports betting accounts. Now bettors all over the state can stay safely inside their homes and register for a sports betting account.

This is perfect timing for DraftKings as they have firmly planted themselves into the Illinois sports betting market. Their partner, Casino Queen, is in a rather remote city. Allowing for remote registration will give sportsbooks such as DraftKings full access to the Illinois sports betting market.

How long remote registration will remain will depend on Gov. Pritzker. The executive order is good for up to 30 days. If Gov. Pritzker does not resign this executive order, Illinois sports bettors would be again stuck with in-person registration. If he does resign the order, that would be another 30 days of remote registration.

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