Kevin Durant

  • From the beginning of the NBA offseason, Kevin Durant’s request shifted the Nest odds from +800 to +5000 and a month of new development shortened the Nets odds to +1500.
  • Boston is the current favorite to win the Finals at +450 and is involved in trade rumors for Kevin Durant, which would still leave them as the 2022-2023 betting favorite.

NEW YORK – The Brooklyn Nets entered the 2022-2023 offseason as a preseason favorite at +800 odds but that shifted to +5000 and are currently sitting at a cool +1400. All of this line movement is due to Kevin Durant, the June 30 trade request, and then possible failure to trade the 12-time All-Star.

Value For Betting On KD Staying With The Nets

When Kevin Durant requested a trade, Kyrie Irving had just opted in to his contract extension. If KD does not find a trade destination, the duo could stick together in New York and give the +1400 great value for their championship odds.

The two superstars have talked about wanting to continue to play together, and Brooklyn met ended up being the best place.

When the news if the request first broke, legal sportsbooks gave KD +500 odds to stay with the Nets but new bets are shifting the focus and giving the Celtics -150 for landing KD if he does not stay in Brooklyn.

Rumors Of KD In TD Garden

The long odds do not only exist for the Nets Finals chances SU, by having +700 conference odds, and +500 Atlantic Division odds. Both of these categories are led by the Celtics who will either end up with KD or suffer the consequences of their players who brought them to the 2021 Finals, being involved in trade talks.

As soon as this news surfaced, Jaylen Brown had some thoughts of his own.

With their latest pickups of Malcom Brogdon and Danilo Gallinari, the Celtics are the current favorite to win the NBA Finals in 2023 at +450.

These trade rumors for KD would certainly shake the Eastern Conference, but would most likely keep the Celtics as the betting favorite. However, the Net’s current +1400 odds could still have value of the picked-up Jaylen Brown and Marcus Smart, teaming up with Ben Simmons.

Betting On The East

The current development of the KD situation has him staying in the East, also giving value on betting on the Eastern Conference to win the NBA finals in 2023.

With Indiana pressuring the Phoenix Suns, Deandre Ayton ended up signing a max contract extension in Phoenix, making him untradeable until July 15. This news nixed any trade scenarios for KD and Ayton, which was Durant’s reported ideal trade destination, and shifted the Suns’ odds to +800.

Last month, the Suns were the betting favorite to have KD over the Nets at +200, but these odds have dropped to +400 if he is not with the Nets.

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