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  • Jake Paul and Joey Levy have co-founded a new company that will launch a micro-betting-focused sports betting app for US residents.
  • The company has already raised $50 million, teamed up with Simplbet, and has the backing of athletes such as Desean Jackson and Ezekiel Elliot.

MIAMI –There is a new betting platform called Betr being launched in the US, that will specifically focus on the micro-betting market. The goal of the app in progress is to capitalize on the insurgence of live and micro betting amongst younger US sportsbooks players.

The Funding And Founding Of Betr

This app is being co-founded by Jake Paul, who is known for his social media stunts, recent boxing career, and being let go by Disney Chanel in 2017.

The CEO of the new betting company is Joey Levy, a Florida Entrepreneur who co-founded Simplebet. Since teaming up, the two have already raised $50 million and have access to the Simplebet technology for an easy-to-use sports betting app.

The early stages of the app production already have other famous athletes backing it up. Betr currently has support from Ezekiel Eliot, Dez Bryant, Desean Jackson, and Richard Sherman.

The Betr founders believe that micro-betting is the future of legal sports wagering in the US, due to the last-second nature of the game.

The Quick Nature Of Micro-Beting Popular In The Youth

When micro-betting, there are no concerns about who wins the game or even if a team scores enough. Micro bets can be placed on a live game, on a very specific aspect of the action, enticing a younger audience of sports bettors with its quick nature.

For example, micro betting on the NFL would look like placing a live wager on which wide receiver Tom Brady will throw to on a third and long. If Mike Evans was chosen and Brady threw a dart his way, the sportsbook would cash out the winning bet instantly, with no need for waiting for the end of the game like other bet types.

With endless options for legal sportsbooks, it can feel overwhelming at times where and how to bet for somebody who has never done it before. Betr wants to change the narrative and make it simple for everyone to use the online sportsbooks and place stress-free wagers.

“I co-founded Simplebet to simplify the sports betting user experience, said founder and CEO of Betr Joey Levy to reconsider why sports betting products felt uninterpretable to the casual fan who had never bet on sports before.

Even though legal sportsbooks already have this type of betting implemented, Betr reportedly wants to make sure it is the main focus. Paul and Levy have discussed how micro-betting is a niche market in the sports betting world, but could easily become just as popular as any other betting type in the future.

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