Kentucky Governor Debate

  • Three top candidates expressed support of legal Kentucky sports betting during the Republican gubernational debate on Tuesday.
  • House Bill 551 is expected to advance to the House Floor and could legalize sports betting in 2023.
  • Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear (D) has publicly expressed his support for legalized sports betting.

FRANKFORT, Ky. – Kentucky state lawmakers expressed their support for sports betting as participants at the Republican gubernational debate on Tuesday. Somerset Mayor Alan Keck, State Agriculture Commissioner Ryan Quarles, and State Attorney General Daniel Cameron all believe they can control the unregulated sports betting that’s occurring in Kentucky.

Sports betting expansion is an important topic for gubernational election candidates, and it may be passed prior to the November election.

Republican candidate Alan Keck was the most vocal of his support during the debate.

The Somerset Mayor supported Michael Meredith’s House Bill 551, which currently is being taken up by the House Licensing, Occupations, and Administrative Committee.

The passage of the bill would allow the state’s nine horse tracks to offer sports betting under their jurisdiction, in addition to legal sports betting at the collegiate and professional levels.

The collective support by Republican gubernational candidates is a good sign based on the failure of KY sports betting bills in the Senate last year.

Things look more promising this year, as Senate Majority Leader Damon Thayer has made many press appearances advocating for legal sports betting in 2023.

He is advocating alongside Michael Meredith for the passage of HB551, which they believe will earn more Senate votes with the removal of fantasy sports and online poker.

The support of legal Kentucky sports betting by potential future Republican Governors is a great sign for the future of sports betting in the Bluegrass state.

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