North Carolina Legislature

  • A North Carolina lawmaker proposed a ban on college player prop bets in the state.
  • Marcia Morey, a democratic representative who strongly opposed mobile sports betting in North Carolina, introduced House Bill 967 on Wednesday.
  • Republican lawmakers in the state don’t want to ban college props, but NCAA President Charlie Baker wants a nationwide ban.

CHAPEL HILL, N.C.North Carolina might be the next state to prohibit bets on individual performances by college athletes. Marcia Morey introduced a bill to ban legal sports betting on college prop bets in the state.

Specifically, the bill (HB 967) would ban “any wager on an individual action, statistic, occurrence, or nonoccurrence to be determined during a sporting event and includes any such action, statistic, occurrence, or nonoccurrence that does not directly affect the final outcome of the sporting event to which it relates.” The language is similar to other states that banned college player props recently, prohibiting bets on a player’s points projection or another player’s receiving yards prop.

The bill wouldn’t prevent residents from betting on the +1400 North Carolina sports betting odds for the North Carolina Tar Heels to win the 2025 National Championship. However, it does prohibit bets on RJ Davis’s points projection, who just announced his return to the Tar Heels on Wednesday.

Republican Lawmakers Don’t Want College Prop Ban

Democratic representative Marcia Morey will have to overcome Republican opposition to get the bill to the promise land. Morey was a big opponent of mobile sports betting legalization in North Carolina, which saw roughly 659 million in handle for the first month.

Republican representative Jason Saine, the lead bill sponsor for mobile sports betting, would be open to adding laws or punishments to prevent athlete harassment but is against a complete ban on college player prop betting. His fellow Republican representatives are also against NCAA President Charlie Baker’s call for a nationwide ban, but a compromise to further protect college athletes is possible.

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