2022 Kentucky Derby

  • Zandon has +500 odds to win the Kentucky Derby on Bovada.
  • White Abarrio has +1000 odds to win the Kentucky Derby on DraftKings.
  • Happy Jack has +6600 Kentucky Derby odds on BetOnline.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – The 2022 running of the Kentucky Derby is just 24 hours away and there are still plenty of betting opportunities to get in on when choosing a winner.

One of the best ways to find the best value in betting on the Kentucky Derby is by line shopping between different legal online betting sites. Some sites might offer different odds on the same horse which can result in a better payout on the same horse at a different book.

Three horses to watch for with different odds across different online sportsbooks are Zandon, White Abarrio, and Happy Jack.

Line Shopping Zandon

The similarity between Zandon’s odds across the different Kentucky Derby betting sites is that his odds to win are amongst the favorites at all of them.

Looking at the lines on Bovada and DraftKings, Zandon’s odds on Bovada currently sit at +500 while DraftKings is at +300. With that, Bovada is offering a much larger payout than DraftKings is on a $100 bet. $100 wagered on Zandon at Bovada would profit $500 while DraftKings would pay out $300.

Something else that makes Zandon a great bet on Bovada is that he pulled gate 10 and there have been nine Kentucky Derby winners out of that gate in the history of the race.

Line Shopping White Abarrio

White Abarrio is considered a middle-of-the-pack horse in terms of its odds to win the Kentucky Derby. The horse’s odds sit at +1000 or above at any online sportsbook. Currently, Bovada has his odds at +1200 while BetMGM has them at +1000.

As for the profit margin for the horse, BetOnline is offering $200 more than BetMGM if he were to come out on top. The profit on BetOnline with a $100 bet would be $1,200 while at BetMGM it is at $1,000.

Line Shopping Happy Jack

For those looking to make the most out of their long-shot bets on the Kentucky Derby, Happy Jack is a prime example as his odds to win are far apart on the different books. The horse is in the bottom five for the longest odds at +6600 on Bovada while BetMGM has his odds at +3000.

This is a monster different in profit as Bovada would net a whopping $6,600 on just a $100 wager. BetMGM, on the other hand, would only profit $3,000 on that same $100 bet for the same horse.

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