NFL Footballs

  • Baker Mayfield has EVEN odds to finish with Over 29.5 passing TDs this season.
  • The Baltimore Ravens have -180 odds to finish with Over 10.5 wins.

NEW YORK – Proposition betting, better known as prop betting, is another major way fans wager on the NFL. With prop bets, betting fans can find unique conditions set by sportsbooks on players and teams. These are wagers that go beyond the outcome of a game and focus on stats or events throughout the season.

The thing about prop betting is that they encompass all wager types found in part 1 as well as can be used in parlays like discussed in part 2 of the How To Bet On The NFL series.

With prop betting, fans can find specific wagers for almost every major athlete and every team during the season, increasing their options for NFL betting.

How To Bet On Player Props

Sportsbooks will host player props throughout the season. Player props are wagers that are specifically determined by how well an individual athlete performs either during the season or during a particular game.

Baker Mayfield Regular Season Passing TDs

  • Over 29.5 EVEN
  • Under 29.5 -130

Sportsbook host a season prop for Baker Mayfield’s total TDs and bettors would simply wager on the over/under odds.

Once the season kicks off, there will be betting lines for during the game as well, with props for how many TDs a QB with throw in a game, how many interceptions, how many tackles a player will get, and so on.

Season props are available early on and cash in after the end of the regular season or sometimes before the season ends at some sportsbooks if Mayfield were to hit the over quickly.

Tips For Betting On Player Props

The best way to cash in on player props is to pay close attention to the team a player is playing on, injuries to the player and other important teammates, and compare stats from previous seasons/games.

Continuing with the Baker Mayfield prop bet example, it would be wise to look at Baker’s performance during the 2020 NFL season.

Baker collected 26 TDs during the 2020 NFL season and Mayfield has never thrown for more than 27 TDs in his entire career. This explains why sportsbooks set the Under 29.5 as the favorite.

However, looking at the team’s overall offense tells a better story. The Cleveland Browns were a top 5 rushing offense during the 2020 season with 495 rushing attempts to 501 passing attempts.

Even with the rush first offense, Baker threw for 26 TDs.

The Browns will be seeing the return of star WR Odell Beckham Jr. who was out for most of the season due to injury. Adding Odell will likely see the team run more passing plays, which should lead to more passing TDs for Baker.

With this information, as opposed to just looking at his past touchdown stats, his EVEN odds for Over 29.5 passing TDs may just be some great action.

How To Bet On Team Props

Team prop betting is similar to player prop betting only instead of looking at an individual athlete, it is the odds focus on an entire team.

Team props can be anything from betting on the total rushing yards a team will have to wager on if a team will make the playoffs. There are a lot of futures wagers available surrounding teams, so team props are likely the main way bettors will partake in futures betting.

Many team props deal with end-of-season conditions, but there will be team props during every game of the NFL season at legal sports betting sites.

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