Maverick Gaming to purchase Wizards Casino

  • Maverick Gaming has purchased Wizards Casino.
  • The company wants to introduce sports betting to Washington state.
  • Sports betting has not been formally legalized in Washington yet.

BURIEN, Wash. – Maverick Gaming will complete their purchase of the Wizards Casino within a month.

Maverick Gaming is waiting for the Washington State Gambling Commission (WSGC) to approve the purchase. Once they do that, Maverick Gaming will own the Wizards Casino. This will become the fourteenth property in Washington that Maverick owns.

Although the casino itself is pretty small, it is in a prime location. The Wizards Casino is located in Burien, a suburb of Seattle. This location is excellent for Maverick due to the traffic around the city. This is not the only reason why Maverick is buying Wizards Casino.

Introducing Sports Betting Revenue

“As our footprint grows in Washington, we are very interested in helping the State see the potential tax revenue sports wagering can generate for Washingtonians. We estimate, if done right, can be in excess of fifty million dollars annually. We believe Maverick’s geographic diversity coupled with our sports betting expertise, make the Maverick properties natural partners with the state in sports wagering,” said Eric Persson, owner of Maverick Gaming.

Maverick Gaming is interested in introducing sports betting to Washington. Or at the very least, what sports betting could bring to the state. Washington has not legalized sports betting yet. The state lawmakers did introduce bills in 2019, but none of them ended up passing. What’s more, the 2019 legislative session is over.

But Maverick Gaming does own properties in other states. For example, they can show Washington lawmakers their revenue reports in Nevada. From there, the lawmakers can see how much tax revenue they can receive if they legalize sports betting.

But it will take some time before Washington sports betting can take place. Washington State’s legislative session only meets for 60 days during even years. On odd years, they meet for 105 days. There might not be enough time during the 2020 legislative session to legalize sports betting. But it is possible that sports betting in Washington can be legalized within a year.

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