Americans doubt that sports leagues will not be derailed this fall

  • A new poll shows that only 32% of Americans think that the NFL will have a season, while only 24% think college football will be played.
  • In this new data released by the Harris Poll, only 29% of US citizens think that the NBA will finish its season, with only 45% believing baseball will be able to complete a full season.
  • Prop bets are available on a variety of leagues outcomes like one giving -350 odds for the NBA to finish its season.

LAS VEGAS – While most of the US leagues prepare to begin their pandemic-adjusted seasons, new data shows that the public is not convinced that sports will be able to be successfully played.

In new research data collected by the Harris Poll, only 32% of Americans believe that the NFL will have a season in 2020. That number drops down to 24% for those who think that college football will be played, and ranges between 29% and 45% for the NBA and MLB respectfully.

The data shows that the public is not convinced by any of the safety measures instituted by these leagues. The public believes that something will happen to derail the supposed plans to bring sports back to the desperate world.

Whether that be a second wave of the disease or an outbreak within the players remains to be determined, but the lack of public support does come at some of a surprise.

Most people would be quick to assume that the public wants sports back as soon as possible. This data tells a different story. One of the public with realistic expectations. While the world would certainly love to have sports back, the reality remains that most people would rather the world return to normal before sports are even worried about.

Some people might see sports as a distraction and even a hindrance to the issue of the pandemic. With COVID numbers spiking across the country, sports might be the last thing on certain individuals’ minds as we search for a way to stop this disease.

Nevertheless, there is legal betting opportunity around every corner as certain sportsbooks are offering prop bets on if the major US leagues will be able to play to completion.

The MLB is set to begin Thursday night when the Washington Nationals take on the New York Yankees.

The public has the highest faith in the MLB as any other sport, with 45% of the poll expecting baseball to be played in 2020.

This could be due to the naturally social distant nature of the sport, or simply due to its place in the hearts of many Americans.

MLB Specials – Will the MLB complete regular and postseason?

  • Yes -600
  • No +350

Considering that MLB will only be playing a 60-game season, the probability of a finish seems rather possible. However, all it takes is a major outbreak among players for a major change to sweep across the league.

The NBA finds itself in a similar situation. They will be playing a limited regular season of eight games before heading directly into the playoffs. All of this gets started on July 31 from Orlando, Florida, a state which has been dubbed the “epicenter of coronavirus” for the entire world.

NBA Specials – Will the NBA season finish with the new format?

  • Yes -350
  • No +225

The NBA has the least left to play as any other league, but many are worried about the athletes being in such close contact with one another in addition to being in a COVID hotspot.

NBA bettors would love nothing more than to get back to betting on their favorite sport, but the dream is often distant from reality. If sports are able to return at all remains to be seen, but having fans return to the action almost seems out of the question entirely.

The PGA Tour was one of the first sports to return, and even they are heavily leaning towards no fans in attendance for the US Open.

PGA Tour Specials – Will the US Open tournament allow spectators?

  • No -600
  • Yes +350

With all of this chaos, the only thing the public can truly do is sit back and watch. While the safety of the athletes and teams is at risk, all of these leagues are going to every length to make their participants as safe as possible.

These are multi-billion-dollar industries that will be using everything in their power to bring a successful product to the world.

While the odds may look bleak, the best bet is to never doubt the power of sports.

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