NFL Draft 2022

  • There are -150 odds for over 15.5 defensive players to be drafted in the first round of the NFL Draft.
  • The total for offensive players drafted in the first round is set at 16.5 with -150 odds on the under.

LAS VEGAS – The NFL Draft is slated to take place in a week on Thursday, April 28 from Las Vegas. With the draft coming up, more and more betting lines have started to open up where tons of action can be placed.

One set of odds in particular on legal sports betting sites are the total of offensive and defensive players selected in the first round. Where the odds sit right now, more defensive players are favored to be taken in the opening round.

Total Defensive Player Selected In The First Round Odds

  • Over 15.5 -150
  • Under 15.5 +110

Total Offensive Players Selected In The First Round

  • Under 16.5 -150
  • Over 16.5 +110

What makes this draft different than some of the more recent ones is that there is no true best player at one position meaning that it is an even first round.

In this year’s draft, NFL odds are slightly leaning in the direction of more defensive players being taken in the first round with -150 odds on the over.

However, the one main argument to make here is that scoring is what wins games which is why offensive players have dominated the first round in recent years. In three of the last four NFL Drafts, over 15.5 offensive players have been drafted in the first round.

What The Mock Drafts Are Saying

All of the major sports media outlets release mock drafts every week leading up to NFL Draft from the moment that the college football season comes to an end.

The main ones that NFL fans and bettors tend to shift towards the from CBS Sports, NFL, Sports Illustrated, and Fox Sports. Using these as a way to gauge the total for offensive and defensive players is a must as these are NFL experts giving their takes.

Of these four major outlets, three of them are seeing over 16.5 defensive players taken in the first round. Sports Illustrated is the only one going under with 16 defensive players selected.

Looking At Other Odds

Another way to look into these odds is by looking at other odds for positions and their totals on being drafted in the first round. For offensive positions, there are odds on the total quarterbacks, wide receivers, and offensive lineman being taken.

Two of those three odds are heavily favored to go under as QBs have -225 odds to stay under 3.5 and o-linemen have -190 odds to stay under 7.5. The wide receiver slot is considered a deep one in this year’s draft with -350 odds to go over 5.5.

On defense, there are odds on the total cornerbacks taken in the first round with under 4.5 favored at -150. However, those -150 odds are the smallest favorite of the bunch meaning there is still a chance it can go over.

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