Canada House of Commons.

  • Canada needs one more passage for Bill C-218 to become law and allow for retail and mobile sports betting in the country.
  • It is estimated that with the passage of Bill C-218, a regulated Canadian sports gaming industry could bring in $28 billion in annual handle.
  • Insiders believe that the Senate vote is a mere formality and Canada will have regulated sports wagering in 2021 when Bill C-218 becomes law.

OTTAWA – Canada is one step away from getting a regulated sports betting industry as the House of Commons passed a bill to do just that on Thursday night. With the approval from the House, Bill C-218 now goes to Canada’s Senate for a final vote before it can officially become law.

Bill C-218 is very much like the repeal of PASPA in the United States for what it would do for Canada. It would allow provinces in the country to choose whether they’d like to have a regulated sports betting market, the same way states have the choice on a state-by-state basis since PASPA was overturned.

Canada’s Regulated Sports Betting Future

The bill would amend the current criminal code in Canada in regards to sports betting. For any change in gaming issues, the criminal code requires amendments due to the way it was originally written. Once sports betting is no longer seen as a criminal act, it would open up the market to any province that would like to operate sportsbooks in Canada.

Through the amendment, retail and mobile sportsbooks would be allowed to open for single sporting events. Sports like hockey, football, baseball, and many others could have betting lines placed on them by Canadian operators.

A regulated sports betting market in Canada estimates an annual handle of $28 billion. Currently, sports bettors in the country gamble $14 billion every year through the use of outside outlets. Canada wants to keep that money in the country, to benefit the economy, and to offer consumer safeties which is what this proposal would accomplish after Senate approval.

“This bill has the potential to unlock new growth opportunities, reduce illegal betting and generate revenues for both the sporting industry and governments,” said Kevin Waugh, Saskatchewan Conservative MP.

What Lies Ahead

The Canada Senate will need to hear the bill and take a vote on an undisclosed date to adopt the measure as law. Those close to the situation believe the outcome will be a favorable one, giving Canada regulated sports betting for the first time in the country’s history. theScore would be a part of the Canadian sports betting market and has been there every step of the way during the current legislative process for Bill C-218.

“We commend the members on all sides of the House of Commons for quickly passing this much-needed legislation. Today’s (Thursday) development is a major step forward and we are increasingly encouraged by the widespread industry and strong cross-party support that Bill C-218 has garnered. Now that Bill C-218 has been passed by the House, we look forward to the Senate swiftly carrying the ball over the goal line,” said John Levy, theScore Founder and CEO.

Oh, Canada, it looks like you’ll finally be entering the regulated sports betting community in 2021.

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