• La Liga had a temporary ban on sports betting ads when the season restarted.
  • KirolBet will no longer be the shirt sponsor of Osasuna by the start of the 2021 season.
  • The La Liga sports betting ad ban was originally set to be lifted on July 21.

PAMPLONA, SpainKirolBet has decided to terminate their sponsorship with Osasuna due to La Liga’s temporary sports betting ad ban, which was set to end soon.

La Liga was one of the first sports leagues to make a return after being closed down by the coronavirus pandemic. However, there were conditions that needed to be met for La Liga to return.

To Lose A Sponsor

Namely, there were to be no sports betting advertisements during La Liga matches. The only time where ads could be shown was between the hours of 1 am and 5 am.

This ban could be because many people in Spain are suffering financial hardships right now due to the pandemic. To prevent the temptation of sports betting, teams with sports betting sponsors had to cover their sponsors on their jerseys.

That means teams like Osasuna had to cover shirt sponsors while they played their matches.

That is because they had a KirolBet, a legal sports betting sponsor on their shirts. That proved to be problematic for KirolBet as they decided they are terminating their sponsorship with Osasuna due to this.

KirolBet was a large financial supporter of Osasuna. Being a shirt advertiser means that jerseys sold to fans would also have the KirolBet sponsor on it. With a perk like that, KirolBet became a financial backbone to Osasuna.

It is unknown what kind of financial effects that losing KirolBet will have on the club, but it is likely that Osasuna will need to find a replacement quickly. A club in La Liga needs a lot of financial backing for their operations.

It is unknown if other shirt sponsors are considering pulling out of La Liga due to this temporary ban. The ad ban was set to finish on July 21. After that, the original amount of sports betting advertisements should return to La Liga matches.

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