Pete Rose partners with UPickTrade.

  • Pete Rose will sell his picks on baseball matches daily for $89 a month through UpickTrade.
  • UpickTrade recently partnered with the Las Vegas Golden Knights but the deal ended only days later due to backlash.
  • Rose has a lifetime ban in the MLB and Hall of Fame due to betting on baseball matches while working as a GM.

GUADALAJARA, Mexico – Legendary baseball player Pete Rose has returned to baseball in an interesting manner, now selling picks to betting fans.

This stems from a new partnership with UpickTrade, the controversial pick-selling Mexico-based website.

Rose will be providing his picks for mainly baseball matchups, but also for other sports as well every day. Fans can see Rose’s MLB betting picks for $89 a month.

Pete Rose Sells Picks

Pete Rose is no stranger to betting on baseball. The all-time leading hitter is currently serving a lifetime ban for betting on his own games while serving as GM for the Cincinnati Reds in 1989.

While Rose struggles to be reinstated by the league with the hope of joining the Hall of Fame, he believes this venture should not affect the potential outcome of his reinstatement.

“By me working with Upick, I’m not hurting Rob Manfred. I’m not trying to show him up by doing that,” said Rose. “I’m trying to make a living like everyone else. I’m not making a bet on the baseball game; I’m picking a baseball game. I’m using my knowledge to pick a game for whoever is working with Upick. But picking games on Upick don’t make me a bad person,” he added. “It’s not me trying to give baseball a black eye, because I’m not. I love baseball.”

Fans will be able to see the daily picks from Charlie Hustle at the $89 a month price tag that would give them access to the full services provided by UpickTrade.

Fans will be able to use the thinking of baseball’s greatest hitter to better their chances at winning big betting on major league games.

Outside of Rose’s history with legal sports betting raising eyebrows with this particular partnership, UpickTrade also has its fair share of controversies.

UpickTrade was recently in headlines for its very short-lived partnership with the Las Vegas Golden Knights. After fan backlash surrounding the website, the Golden Knights terminated its agreement with the pick-selling site.

Sports betting fans will have to wait and see if this partnership is more fruitful.

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