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  • Nevada has shutdown any prospects for allowing remote sportsbook registration for mobile applications.
  • The state will continue to require sports bettors to visit a land-based location to join mobile platforms for sports betting for the foreseeable future.

LAS VEGAS – The state of Nevada is still opting out of allowing residents to register for mobile sports betting platforms remotely.

While other states across the nation allow their residents to sign up for online sportsbook accounts purely through the outlet itself, Nevada still requires that players go to a land-based location and register in person.

Many gamblers in the Silver State had hoped that this requirement would be axed, especially during a time like the present with the Coronavirus Pandemic making it harder for people to go to casinos to open mobile sportsbook accounts.

But there is no such luck in changing this rule any time soon, pandemic or not.

Why Is Nevada Keeping In-Person Sportsbook Registration?

Many have argued that the reason for the requirement is the fact that brick-and-mortar casinos and sportsbooks in Nevada fear a loss in business if sports bettors are allowed to do everything remotely but that’s unlikely as not much revenue is gained from having individuals visit a location to register and then stay for that one visit and play a few games while there.

Instead, the opposition comes from how many sportsbook operators there are in Nevada coming from out of state that gives little to the industry where land-based establishments are concerned.

“Some licensees feel very strongly about their investment in brick and mortar and that’s a big challenge,” said Brin Gibson, Nevada Gaming Control Board Chairman. “The realities of the industry are unique in Nevada because we have so much brick and mortar here.”

Still, there are those in Nevada that are claiming not allowing remote sports betting registration is hurting the amount of profit that could be made in the state, comparing the numbers that have been seen in New Jersey’s sports betting market.

The Garden State allows their gamblers to register remotely and that has only helped to skyrocket their business without hurting their retail locations’ profits. The Nevada Gaming Commission heard the proposal on Thursday requesting to amend the law. The proposal was provided by Sightline Interactive LLC and Sightline Payments LLC where the request was later denied.

Sightline is an internet gaming payment service that has done well with its cashless solutions which is why they are advocating for a completely remote sports betting experience for the people of Nevada. And the American Gaming Association (AGA) backs them on this.

“It aligns with gaming’s role as a 21st-century industry and bolsters our already rigorous regulatory and responsible gaming measures,” said Bill Miller, president and CEO of the AGA.

What’s Next For Nevada?

With the Nevada Gaming Commission refusing to lift the ban on remote sports betting registration in the Silver State, gamblers will need to continue to make the drive to a retail sportsbook location and register if they haven’t already.

Although this is a setback in the modernization of the way gambling operations are run in Nevada, it is likely that in the years to come they will see a lift on the ban.

If the state wants to join the rest of the nation and streamline the process of wagering with mobile sportsbook applications while making a nice profit from the change, they’ll make the necessary adjustments in the future and allow remote sportsbook registration for their residents.

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