Shaquille O'Neal and Authentic Brands Group

  • Shaquille O’Neal has filed for a trademark for SHAQPOT and it indicated that he will be launching his own sports betting website.
  • The website will be a new venture for the NBA legend to join the booming sport betting market and add to his other multiple business investments.

LAS VEGAS – NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal is planning to officially release his own sports gambling site after trademarking the term SHAQPOT, according to reports on Tuesday.

The filing of this trademark was made in late October and shows Shaq though his partnership with Authentic Brands Group will be launching a website.

O’Neal has shown that he is indeed a fan of legal sports betting as he has been a part of multiple notable sports bets with his teammates and friends.

Most recently, Shaq bet with his friend and former NBA teammate Dwayne Wade before Game 1 of the NBA Finals. This featured Shaq’s former teams the Los Angeles Lakers and the Miami Heat.

Earlier this year, the two also placed another NBA bet on a Milwaukee Bucks and Miami Heat game that ended with O’Neal losing and having to let his hair grow out and showing his hairline.

O’Neal is now working to be in the sports betting industry more seriously with his gambling website but currently, there is no information on what operators he will use or in what state he will launch the site.

This trademark was filed in New York, which does not have mobile sports betting authorized.

However, Shaq could have bigger plans to take over the New York sports betting market once online betting goes live.

This will only add to the many business investments that the former NBA icon already has including 150 car washes, 40 24-hr fitness gyms, and 17 Auntie Anne’s.

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