• The New York Red Bull are favored over FC Cincinnati with +105 odds.
  • Liverpool is favored over Chelsea with -103 odds.
  • Inter Milan is favored over Fiorentina with -204 odds.

ORLANDO, Fla. – Soccer bettors should have their hands full today as there is a full slate of games going on in the MLS, English Premier League, and Serie A.

Beginning with the MLS, legal sports betting sites have the New York Red Bulls as +105 favorites over FC Cincinnati who sit at +255 odds. There are also +240 odds of there being a draw.

This will be their fourth meeting in the last year as New York has the strong upper hand in the series, winning all three of their previous meetings.

New York has had a streaky last 10 games as they have gone 4-3-3 but still have an advantage over Cincinnati as they have gone 4-1-5 in their last 10. Being that New York has not only beaten them three times but also had a more successful last ten games, bettors should be taking New York here no problem.

FC Cincinnati Vs. New York Red Bull Over/Under

  • Over 2.5, 3 -110
  • Under 2.5, 3 -110

New York has only gone over two times and pushed three times in their last 10 games while Cincinnati has gone over five times and pushed just once. In their previous three meetings, the teams only went over once as well.

Bettors might be able to take the over here as Cincinnati has been known for allowing many points.

As for both teams scoring, they are both favored to score with -165 odds. The +135 odds of both teams not scoring are there but scoring should not be a problem, as New York has scored in nine of their last 10 games while Cincinnati has scored at least once in eight of their last 10.

English Premier League: Liverpool Vs. Chelsea

Liverpool’s -103 soccer odds are favored over Chelsea who is at +280. The odds of there being a draw here are at +245.

These teams have faced off twice before as they each took a victory. This is expected to be a heavyweight match between the two as Liverpool sits at the top of the league with a 30-3-3 record and Chelsea is at third with a 19-6-11 record.

Bettors should not be so quick to jump on Liverpool, as they have had an inconsistent last 10 games as they have gone 4-2-4 while Chelsea has had the hot hand in their previous ten games going 8-2.

Being that only three teams in the EPL have managed to defeat Liverpool – Chelsea being one of them – bettors can take the risk on Chelsea and enjoy the nice payout with it.

Liverpool Vs. Chelsea Over/Under

  • Over 2.5, 3 -121
  • Under 2.5, 3 +101

There is no question about it that bettors should be taking the over here as these are two of the top three teams in the Premier League. Both teams have hit the over mark in four of their last games and also pushed the over mark in one of their previous meetings. It would be an easy payout for those taking the over.

When looking at if both teams will score, they are favored to do so at -185 while the odds of them both not scoring are at +155.

Both teams should have no problem scoring as Liverpool has scored in seven of their last 10 games and Chelsea has scored in nine of their last 10 games. Bettors should enjoy some easy money here betting on them both to score.

Serie A: Inter Milan Vs. Fiorentina

Inter Milan and Fiorentina will square off in one of the closing games for Serie A action today.

Inter Milan are heavy favorites with -204 odds while Fiorentina’s odds are at +540. The odds of there being a draw sit at +370.

Bettors should not be looking any further than Inter Milan as they are third in the league at 21-9-4 while Fiorentina is at 10-12-12.

The two have faced off twice before where Inter Milan took a victory in one and a draw in the other. Inter Milan has had a hot streak lately as they have gone 5-4-1 in their last games while Fiorentina has gone just 3-5-2 in their previous 10.

Inter Milan Vs. Fiorentina Over Under

  • Over 3 -126
  • Under 3 +106

Despite Fiorentina only hitting the over mark twice in their last ten games, bettors can expect Inter Milan to take over in the scoring column. They have gone over six times in their previous 10 games as well, while pushing three times.

In their previous two games, the two did not meet the over mark at all but did push once. This should be an easy bet on the over for bettors.

The spread on the game is set at -1, -1.5 with the Fiorentina side at -120 and Inter Milan at +100.

Inter Milan has only beaten the spread just three times in 10 games while Fiorentina has only beaten it twice. Bettors can expect Inter Milan to win here but it should be looked at as a push.

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