New York Jets and Baltimore Ravens

  • Sportradar has partnered with both the Baltimore Ravens and the New York Jets.
  • They will bring sports betting and entertainment services to both teams.

NEW YORK — The NFL continues to expand into the sports betting industry as Sportradar has inked two partnerships with the Baltimore Ravens and the New York Jets.

In their partnership with both teams, Sportradar will look to increase their opportunities to grow in the legal sports betting industry.

“Sportradar is thrilled to be working with the Jets and the Ravens on this strategic initiative in the ever-evolving U.S. market—Legalized sports betting presents new and unique opportunities for teams, as well as betting operators, and the Jets and Ravens are taking a step in raising the value of their brands for their respective betting sponsors,” said Mike Smith, the head of U.S. Advertising for Sportradar.

Throughout the partnerships, Sportradar will put out data-driven content which will go hand-in-hand with different advertising campaigns in an attempt to retain and gain customers to their legal sports betting sponsors.

Sportradar has deep connections in this field.

“This innovative relationship with Sportradar will allow the New York Jets to optimize the overall performance of our legal sports betting partners, both inside and outside of our ecosystem—The ability to engage, acquire, convert and retain customers in this super competitive and rapidly growing space is of the highest priority for operators. Sportradar’s proprietary technology and expertise in reaching sports bettors via predictive analytics will be extraordinarily valuable to Official LSB Sponsors of the Jets,” said Jeff Fernandez, Vice President of Business Development for the New York Jets.

Similar thoughts about the advanced technology, abilities, and connections were heard from the Ravens.

“As we continue increasing our visibility in the world of sports betting and digital gaming, the Baltimore Ravens are honored to be among the first NFL teams to partner with an industry leader in Sportradar—Through its unmatched sports data intelligence, Sportradar provides an efficient and robust outlet for our partners to better engage with and cater to fans in this rapidly evolving industry,” said Kevin Rochlitz, Ravens Chief Sales Officer.

With this, Sportradar will help NFL betting fans of the Baltimore Ravens and the New York Jets continue to stay engaged in the legal sports betting side of the NFL.

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