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  • Former Vice President Joe Biden (-180) is the favorite to win the 2020 Presidential Election but most bettors are wagering on President Donald Trump (+160) to win re-election.
  • Every 1 in 4 bets has been placed on Biden to win with the other three being put on Trump since the two men went head to head in the debates.
  • This election has made a new record in the United Kingdom as the most gambled-on event in the history of their betting market.

WASHINGTONElection Day for the Presidency of the United States is on Tuesday. While Joe Biden has been and continues to remain the favorite to win according to sportsbooks and general polls, gamblers around the world are betting that Donald Trump will cause an upset and be re-elected for a second term in office.

What has caused this turnaround in gambling on the underdog to win?

The debates that took place between the two men may have had something to do with it. Most notably, the second and final debate where Trump was said to have won the discussion through various polls that were taken, leading to an outpouring of wagers for the President to win against Biden in 2020.

The 2020 Presidential Odds And Record-Breaking Handle In The UK

The 2020 Presidential Election has broken records for handle in the United Kingdom and has taken the title of the most wagered-on event in the history of the U.K. Almost $259 million in wagers have been placed on the election and by Tuesday, it’s estimated that $519 million in bets could be seen prior to the vote.

The previous record for the most handle on a single event in the UK was the 2016 US Presidential Election where Donald Trump beat out Hillary Clinton.

Across the pond in the US, American bettors have given Trump 73% of their gambling activity since watching the debates. For every four wagers placed, three are going to Trump to win.

Even though Biden (-180) is the favorite by bookmakers, gamblers are still betting on Trump (+160) to take the victory.

Biden is all over sportsbooks with election odds as the favorite in numerous categories. The most popular prop bets being placed outside of who will win are ones such as these that are on platforms like BetOnline:

Who Will Win Pennsylvania?

  • Biden (-185)
  • Trump (+155)

Who Will Win The Popular Vote?

  • Biden (-700)
  • Trump (+450)

Now We Wait For November 3

The polls are with Biden, the oddsmakers are with Biden, if the majority of everything being seen through news outlets is to be believed, former Vice President Joe Biden will be voted into office and win the 2020 Presidential Election.

Yet not just America, but people worldwide feel as though President Donald Trump will get the re-election win he’s been gunning for. Hillary held a similar lead in 2016 but still lost to Donald Trump. It could be that bettors don’t trust the polls since they were wrong last election.

If anyone has been known to beat the odds, it’s Trump. He beat various battles throughout his current presidential term, from an impeachment trial to his own bout with the Coronavirus.

Maybe gamblers using legal sports betting sites are onto something with placing their wagers on the underdog. The world will get their answer on the night of November 3 or afterward when all votes have been tallied. Until then, it’s still anyone’s guess.

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