The American Gaming Association has released projections for betting on Super Bowl LVI. According to the data, 35% more Americans will bet on the Super Bowl this year.

  • According to a report released by the American Gaming Association, an estimated 31.4 million Americans will bet on Super Bowl LVI in some way.
  • The report also predicts a $7.61 billion Super Bowl betting handle – a 78% increase from last year – with 55% of bettors expected to lay action on the Los Angeles Rams.

LAS VEGAS – Super Bowl LVI is shaping up to be the most-bet Super Bowl on record, with data from the American Gaming Association showing that 31.4 million Americans plan to bet on this year’s Super Bowl, a 35% increase from last year.

AGA Report Shows Huge Projected Increases In Super Bowl Betting

According to the data the over 30 million Americans that plan to bet on the Super Bowl will lay an estimated $7.61 billion in wagers, which is up significantly – 78% – from last year.

The Super Bowl LVI total betting handle is projected  to surpass last year’s by an estimated $3.33 billion.

Looking further at the data provided by the American Gaming Association, all types of sports wagering are expected to see notable increases.

An estimated 18.2 million Americans will place a traditional sports wager – that is, using an online sportsbook, a retail sportsbook, or a bookie, which is up 78% from last year’s Super Bowl.

Another 18.5 million Americans are expected to participate in casual bets between friends, a sports betting pool, or a Super Bowl squares contest.

Of those surveyed, 76% of respondents said that placing their Super Bowl wagers at a legal sports betting operator was “important” to them, an 11% increase compared to 2021.

According to the American Gaming Association, action will be split fairly evenly on Super Bowl LVI. 55% of those who plan to bet on the big game will lay their action on the Los Angeles Rams, with the remaining 45% going with the Cincinnati Bengals, according to the data.

Increased Availability Of Regulated Sportsbooks A Major Factor

The increase in bettors for this Super Bowl is likely a direct result of the proliferation of regulated sports betting across the United States. Compared to last year’s Super Bowl, an additional 45 million Americans can bet on sports at state-run operations.

Among the states to launch legal sports betting since last year’s Super Bowl were Arizona, Connecticut, Louisiana, Maryland, North Carolina, North Dakota, South Dakota, Washington, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

This increase in those who can now bet on sports at local books is likely the primary reason for such remarkable projected increases in sports betting on the Super Bowl. Though an increase in advertising and media attention may have factored in as well.

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