Senator Tammy Duckworth

  • Illinois Senator Tammy Duckworth has now become a possible choice for Joe Biden’s VP (+1400).
  • Other sites have locked the odds for Biden’s VP as Duckworth has been making headlines.
  • Duckworth has varying odds but she has jumped to the number two spot under Kamala Harris.

WASHINGTONU.S. Senator from Illinois Tammy Duckworth suddenly has all eyes on her as a top contender for Joe Biden’s Vice Presidential candidate of choice according to the newest wagers on sportsbooks.

Duckworth has made an appearance in the wagering world because of the talk that is currently swirling around her for the position of Vice President under Biden.

There have been a number of names thrown around as of late for who Biden may pick as he will have to name someone soon.

The only sure thing that is known is that he will choose a female counterpart at the insistence of the Democratic party and Duckworth fits that bill.

The Bet Is On

Many legal sportsbooks like BetOnline and Bovada are allowing members to wager on who the Democratic Vice Presidential nominee will be and Bovada has Duckworth in the fifth spot with odds of (+1400).

BetOnline is favoring the Senator from Illinois even more, having skyrocketed the candidate into the second place position under Kamala Harris; however, the odds for her are currently listed as locked.

Duckworth was not a blip on that radar weeks ago and now she is seeing a tremendous amount of pull for a chance to become Biden’s top choice.

It makes sense, as two weeks ago, Susan Rice was all the rage.

Rice is still in the running with odds of (+700) on Bovada, two spots ahead of Duckworth. Both are women of color which is something that the Democratic party is looking for as well (Duckworth is Thai-American).

Who Is Tammy Duckworth?

With the state of the nation, Biden is looking for a candidate that knows about security and safety.

Duckworth is a veteran, having served in Iraq as an Amy pilot where she became the first female soldier in the war to sustain an injury as a double amputee, losing both of her legs in an accident.

She is known as an American hero and an advocate for Veteran Affairs.

Her history and background are things that Biden could put to use when implementing ideas of national security and the state of affairs with a pandemic currently happening in the nation.

She held the title of lieutenant colonel while in the Army and has spoken out against the way President Donald Trump conducts himself, calling him a bully.

She is a woman, born in Thailand, becoming an American citizen, proudly serving her country, and now a working mother of two children under the age of six.

If she doesn’t check all the boxes for a formidable and relatable candidate that the people will vote for, who does? These are all qualities that Joe Biden is looking for in a running mate and she has all of them.

This is only the beginning of hearing about Senator Tammy Duckworth.

Betting on her as the potential candidate for the Vice Presidency would be a safe bet to make now as her numbers may continue to get better the more she is considered.

She embodies many characteristics that could land her in the Vice President spot and sell the voters on Joe Biden as the next President of the United States come the 2020 Presidential Election.

In the end, Biden is looking for a great candidate but also someone that will help boost his likeability with the people come November and Duckworth would be able to do that for him.

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