The Tennessee Lottery has announced that the first Tennessee sportsbooks will be FanDuel, DraftKings, and BetMGM.

  • November 1 will be a historical day in Tennessee as legal mobile sports betting will finally be a part of the state’s economic makeup.
  • BetMGM, DraftKings, and FanDuel are currently the three sportsbooks set to launch their services on November 1 via mobile and internet platforms.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Tennesseans will finally get their own legal sports betting industry on November 1, a year and a half after the pastime was legalized.

The state suffered a number of delays when trying to build the landscape for its strictly online and mobile sports wagering market.

The Sports Wagering Committee for the Tennessee Education Lottery (TEL) which will regulate all sports betting in the Volunteer State, doled out the first wave of licenses to operators and others with more to come in the future.

Tennessee has no set number of licenses they are allowed to issue for sportsbooks so the industry could become saturated with several options down the road for platforms to choose from.

The first three brands, however, are some of the biggest in the legal sports betting industry.

Who Has Been Conditionally Licensed To Operate?

Multiple applications from vendors to suppliers and operators have all been given approval to move forward with their businesses.

One supplier has been licensed while 26 vendors have received their licenses to work alongside approved sportsbooks in the state. As for operators slated to roll out their platforms on November 1, top names in the sports wagering world have made the first cut for licenses.

BetMGM, DraftKings, and FanDuel are all officially licensed in the state of Tennessee to offer their services to residents.

TEL has 90 days to review applications prior to licensure. More operators are said to receive the proper documentation before November which will allow them to open up with the three sportsbooks already set to launch.

Although this wasn’t the September date that TEL was shooting for this past summer, sports bettors in Tennessee will still be able to wager on half of the NFL season using local sports wagering outlets.

And the Super Bowl will be up for all kinds of bets using state-sanctioned books, allowing Tennessee a chance to profit from the biggest sports betting event of the year.

Who Can Engage In Sports Betting In Tennessee?

In order to be eligible to join a sportsbook in Tennessee, residents must be 21 years old or older and within state lines.

Geofencing built into the technology of the sportsbook will be able to tell whether a sports bettor is abiding by the guidelines for location. Should a resident be outside of Tennessee they will be unable to access their sports betting account.

As the NFL season continues, people in the state cannot wait for November 1 to finally be able to get some action in on the games, especially those games involving the Tennessee Titans.

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