Vermont Sports Betting

  • Vermont lawmakers discovered an underground illegal betting operation in the state during a sting operation.
  • This lead to lawmakers considering a potential betting market in Vt.
  • An estimated $2-$10 million could be gained from a regulated market in Vermont.

MONTPELIER, Vt. – An illegal underground sports betting ring was discovered in Vermont after patrons lost tens of thousands of dollars.

The exposure of this illegal operation has led to lawmakers in Vermont considering a potential regulated market of their own.

Sports betting in Vermont is estimated by the Joint Fiscal Office to bring in $2-to-$10 million in sports betting revenue for the Green Mountain State.

Vermont Potential Betting Market

The sting operation was brought on by the Vermont Department of Liquor and Lottery. This would likely be the department that oversees a betting market should they regulate.

“Right now, we are investigating an illegal gambling operation in Vermont where the players have lost tens of thousands of dollars,” said Wendy Knight, the department’s commissioner. “That wouldn’t happen in a regulated sports betting market.”

Vermont has failed to pass regulated sports betting legislation in the past. The traditional culture in Vermont has affected lawmakers attempts at marijuana laws, alcohol laws, as well as gambling laws.

“Whether it’s alcohol or marijuana or gambling, some people are more skittish than others,” said Michael Sirotkin, state Sentator.

This isn’t the only instance that indicates Vermont lawmakers are interested in sports betting. Lawmakers passed SB 11 in June which established a sports betting study. The study is meant to determine both the potential benefits and negatives associated with a regulated market.

Vermont’s neighbors in New York and New Hampshire both host regulated betting with Massachusetts’ own governor supporting bringing sports betting to Massachusetts. Vermont could become the only New England state with no regulated betting market.

The recent events and push from lawmakers could see this change in the near future.

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