West Virginia set to adopt new iGaming rules and regulations.

  • West Virginia is planning on adopting new iGaming rules for online casino games.
  • The State Lottery Commission is using sports betting as the basis for the iGaming rules.
  • The iGaming rules will likely not be adopted until 2021.

CHARLESTON, W.Va. – The West Virginia Lottery Commission is planning to create iGaming rules and regulations.

These iGaming regulations will allow the State Lottery to expand gambling for the state. Through the suggested iGaming rules, people in West Virginia will have access to more gambling options.

iGaming In West Virginia

The iGaming rules allow for various casino games to be played online. Games such as poker will have the same accessibility as sports betting in West Virginia.

In fact, the West Virginia Lottery Commission is using legal sports betting as the basis for the new iGaming rules. A key difference is that the tax rate for iGaming will be around 15 percent, compared to the 10 percent that sports betting has.

Although, much like mobile sports betting, iGaming can take place anywhere in the state. That also means that iGaming in West Virginia will be geofenced to the state like online sports betting is.

An Extra Rule For Sports Betting

Sports betting was not completely left out of the new rules and regulations. Last week, other rules and regulations were passed as a vehicle to bring on the new iGaming rules. Now in the case of legal sports betting, interim sports betting licenses are available.

Potential sports betting vendors can first receive interim licenses to operate sportsbooks sooner. These interim licenses are good for up to 270 days. This allows time for the sportsbook operator to be completely vetted by the West Virginia Lottery Commission.

Creating all of these new rules allows sports betting in West Virginia to become more widely available around the state. However, it will be quite sometime before the new iGaming rules can become available.

The new iGaming rules are temporary. The new permanent rules could be different from what is currently set in place. The permanent rules will be further established later this year. However, it will not be until 2021 that lawmakers will make the new iGaming rules official.

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