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  • The New York Jets have not yet won a game on their 2020 schedule, having their most recent loss be a shut out by the Miami Dolphins on Sunday with a score of 24-0.
  • Although the Jets are at the bottom of the leaderboard in the NFL and on sportsbooks, gamblers are still putting money on the team to win Super Bowl 55.

NEW YORKThe New York Jets are currently 0-6 for the year but sportsbooks are still seeing bettors place money on the team for a Super Bowl win.

That begs the question, are these wagers being placed by diehard fans of the Gang Green Nation or by gamblers that enjoy the idea of the monumental payouts that would be had through the odds presently given to a team that’s having such an atrocious season?

Considering all of the other teams in the NFL and New York being at the bottom of the board, it’s hard to believe the Jets could make it to Super Bowl 55, let alone win it. But there are still starry-eyed dreamers out there that are keeping the faith alive.

The Odds Stacked Against New York

Despite having a bet placed here and there for the Jets to win the Super Bowl, in general, they have not been receiving as much action with NFL betting platforms as all of the other organizations.

At the beginning of the season, sportsbooks saw more engagement on wagers that were affiliated with the team. But with each passing game, those bets have seen a steady decline throughout Gang Green Nation.

New York has failed to cover the spread on any game this season. That’s a feat in itself. A prop bet that could be seen in the future on sports betting outlets might read “Will the NY Jets cover the spread?”

Some sportsbooks are toying with the idea of offering a wager that asks the question of whether or not New York will close out the 2020 season at 0-16. William Hill has already posted such a bet with the odds at (+600) in the “Yes” column.

“Every week, it’s the same thing,” said Jeff Stoneback, director of race and sport for MGM in Nevada, said. “Unfortunately, we’re rooting for the Jets.”

Sportsbooks are rooting for the Jets simply to do better business. The New York Jets have an extremely loyal following. Their fans love to wager on the team. This is where these hopeful Super Bowl wagers for the team have come into play.

Las Vegas’ Westgate SuperBook took a $40 bet on the Jets to win Super Bowl 55 (+500000) last week. MGM bookies took two bets last week as well for the Gang Green to win SB55 at (+100000). The wagers were only for $5 and $2 respectively, however, the payout on a $5 bet with those odds is $5,000.

The Outlook For The Jets And A Super Bowl Berth

The New York Jets have a very slim chance of making their way to the Super Bowl this season. They would need to win every single game left on the schedule for consideration as other teams would also need to lose more games in the process.

They haven’t even been able to cover an average of an 11.3 point spread this year. Interested sports bettors should put their money on the 0-16 wager posted for some action on the team before putting one more dime on the Jets winning the Super Bowl.

The odds, based on team performance, would see the New York Jets lose every game this season before going to and then winning Super Bowl 55.

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