Last updated on: August 22nd, 2022

Legal Sports Betting In The Netherlands

Legal sports betting in the Netherlands is a major market for both local and visiting sports bettors. Sports betting is legal in both land-based and online forms in the Netherlands. In addition, international sportsbooks are able to legally provide some of the best betting lines available to Dutch bettors.

When betting on sports in the Netherlands, you will not struggle to find betting lines, odds, wager types, or legal sports betting banking methods thanks to the many options available at online betting sites. The best way to get in on the action is through these operators. Internationally-based sportsbooks offer both English and Dutch language options as well as 24-7 customer service to provide players with any necessary help.


The Netherlands Sports Betting Laws

The Netherlands was supposed to legalize online gambling, which includes sports betting, in 2019, following a lengthy process that began in 2016. The regulated online gaming market was supposed to launch in November 2019, but was repeatedly delayed until it finally took effect on October 1st, 2021. The market opened with 10 different sportsbooks operators licensed by the Netherlands government. International sportsbooks are also prevalent within the country with many Dutch players getting in on the action through these means. These sites provide the best betting lines and odds to all sports bettors in the Netherlands. These online sportsbooks are also the best way to participate in line shopping as the many options allow players to find the best odds available.

The Netherlands Sports Betting Markets

The Netherlands is located in the northeastern Europe area. This makes European soccer leagues such as the EPL, La Liga, and Serie A major draws at online sportsbooks. Dutch sports fans are intense, and sports betting is one of the biggest ways to participate in the high-octane games. The Netherland sports betting market is made up of a combination of local Dutch bettors and tourists who travel to bet on sports. This brings a large pool of potential bettors on every major sporting event. Regulated sportsbooks take in massive betting handle from the collection of sports bettors every year.

Where The Netherlands Sports Betting Revenue Goes

Legal sports betting in the Netherlands is a major moneymaker for the country. Revenue from regulated sportsbooks in the Netherlands goes to the capital and is used for many things. Gambling is one of the major sources of income for the Netherlands and the profit that comes from sports betting is redistributed across the country. This is used to fix roads, improve schools, raise wages, and create jobs. Betting revenue is cycled through the nation, ultimately being put to good use by legislation. There is no single location that the revenue is used for. It is collected in the same coffers that are used for local taxes and are budgeted as one major source of income. The sports betting market is an integral part of the economy of the Netherlands.

Legal Betting Sites In The Netherlands

There are many legal betting sites in the Netherlands. This variety of options allows Dutch sports bettors the ability to shop the lines and find the best odds. These online sportsbooks offer some of the best odds available, with many wager types and options for betting live in-game. You will find betting lines for all the major sports and even niche sporting events as well. From American and European basketball to table tennis and horse racing, you will not struggle to find a betting line at these legal Netherlands betting sites.


MyBookie Sportsbook

Best Dutch Sportsbook

There are many reasons why Dutch sports bettors choose MyBookie as their go-to sportsbook. One major reason is the many betting options available to patrons. You will find odds throughout the year for the biggest events in sports. You will also be able to wager on games after they began with live in-game betting. This is the biggest draw when it comes to betting on sports at MyBookie is the wide variety of options from wager types, betting lines, and sports, to banking methods and bonuses.

All first-time bettors are able to benefit from the Welcome Bonus. This gives a 100% match on your first deposit valued at up to $1,000. This bonus comes with a 10x rollover. When you first make your betting account at MyBookie, simply use the promo code MYB100 to benefit from this bonus. This is just one of the many bonuses available at MyBookie and why Dutch players search them first when looking for legal sports betting in The Netherlands.

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Legal Sports Betting In The Netherlands FAQs

Is Sports Betting Legal In The Netherlands?

Yes, sports betting is legal in the Netherlands. Currently, there is only one licensed sports betting operation in the country but it is available to all Dutch players. Luckily, online sportsbooks can legally provide sports betting to players in the Netherlands. And they are operational regardless of where bettors are in the country.

Is It Legal To Bet On Sports Online In The Netherlands?

Yes, it is. In 2016, the Dutch government put forth legislation to regulate online gambling, including sports betting. This was finally enacted in 2019 giving the Netherlands legal in-country online sports betting. International betting sites can also operate legally within the Netherlands. These sites offer the same betting lines and wager types offered at any Netherlands-based locale.

Is It Safe To Bet On Sports Online?

Online sportsbooks that operate in the Netherlands are entirely safe to use. These sites are trusted and amass thousands of active users daily and have a good track record of paying players their winnings and not cheating them. You can safely bet on your favorite sports in the Netherlands without worrying about being scammed.

Can I Bet On Sports From Anywhere In The Netherlands?

Yes, you can. Thanks to online sportsbooks, you can bet on your favorite sports from all across the nation. With international sports betting websites, you do not need to physically be inside of a sports betting operator in order to access a full-service sportsbook. This is great for anytime anywhere on the go sports betting. Online sports betting in the Netherlands allows both residents and tourists alike the opportunity to bet from anywhere.

The Netherlands
Status: Legal
Retail: Yes
Online: Yes (Offshore)
Min Age: 18+
Restrictions: Open
Popular Sports: Basketball, Soccer