Free Sports Picks From The Experts

When it comes to betting on sports, some are ready for the challenge while others are still getting their feet wet. Regardless of your experience with sports betting, everyone could use some advice, tips, and free sports betting picks from the experts. Though betting can be a hit or miss activity, this page is designed to help you win at the sportsbook. Beating the books isn’t made easy, but with careful dedication and the use of betting information, algorithms, and statistics, you can find that betting is made easier when you have the help of others.

Our picks come from our staff at LegalSportsBetting, as we focus on attempting to keep your sports betting account balance higher than what you deposited. Keep in mind, no betting expert is perfect, but it is our goal to help our readers become (or stay) profitable. Remember, there is no such thing as a guarantee, a lock, or a sure thing, but the strength obtained from the union of congenial minds can help achieve the victories necessary to make some extra money.

Free Betting Picks

This page will feature free picks ranging from professional sports like the NFL, NBA, and MLB to the sports you may not watch in your everyday life such as the NHL, tennis, golf, and even NASCAR. Our staff reviews as much as information as we can to ensure the picks we offer are as precise and accurate as we can make them. As with any good betting advice, the information isn’t worth anything if the people offering free betting help don’t take their own risk as well. We promise that we will never offer free sports picks that we ourselves wouldn’t consider taking.

Many sites offer free daily sports betting picks, but we have the belief that you should only bet on something if you have faith it may come true. While betting every day is a luxury for some, we realize the importance of being accurate rather than always having a pick on hand for our readers. We may offer multiple picks per day, one every other day, or only a few per month. This should satisfy those looking for free picks and grow the trust that we are not throwing picks on a wall just to gain the attention.

Our Experts

Michael Molter

Michael’s focus on betting came at a young age when his focused turned toward sports as a child. With a grandfather who “lived” at the New Orleans Fair Grounds betting on horses, Michael took this knowledge and created his own systems to bet on sports. Michael employs a variety of tactics for finding the best betting situations and has created a few algorithms over the past years to help him remain profitable.

His focus is geared towards historical NFL data in which he details winning streaks and the likelihood of a team’s run continuing. His main focus though is on the NBA, in which he analyses the teams’ offensive and defensive pace in order to beat the over/unders. Aside from these two giants, Michael also live bets heavily on tennis due to his consistent knowledge of the sport, player matchups, and emotional situations the player’s face during the matches.

Some of his most notable wins include #15 Florida Gulf Coast (+725) over #2 Georgetown – 2013, Marin Cilic to win US Open (+6100) – 2014, and the Buffalo Bills (+1100) over Minnesota Vikings – 2018.